Beantown Bombings, Blasts Rock The Boston Marathon!

It was with a heavy heart that I read news reports informing me that less than 2 hours ahead of this writing, no fewer than two bombs were detonated at, or near the finish line of The Boston Marathon. It’s my hope that the media, the general public, and our government does not begin to speculate too loudly on who the culprits may be.  Violence often makes irrational fools of many mighty minds.

President Barack Obama swore an oath that those responsible will “feel the full weight of justice.”  He also gave a very clear mandate that no one should jump to conclusions.

We need to keep in mind that even the mere accusation of guilt in such extreme cases as this can lead to the unfair treatment of, and often violent retribution towards the wrong people.  People who will almost always be part of a minority group, or marginalized populace.

Today we have at least 3 dead and 136 wounded people, with ages ranging from 2 to 71 years old.  As always, in the wake of terrorism, both at the hands of foreign agents and fellow Americans, we want immediate, bloody, viscerally satisfying, and lethal revenge.

Team, I’m not asking you to forget or forgive, no matter who is ultimately found responsible.  All I am asking is that we you wait for revenge justice until we have a clear and verifiable target for our righteous indignation.

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  1. LaTisha Raulston

    Wow. Crazy things happen everyday. I always wonder what’s supposed to be achieved by blowing up unsuspecting people


    • YusefWateef

      Terrorism works because it can disproportionately influence and harm a large population. Historically, people that want to destabilize a government or ruling party through making its citizens feel as if the people that tax them and represent them can’t protect them use the act of bombing civilians. The bombers want the be the mouse that can terrify an elephant. Unfortunately, it’s a tactic that works. It causes us to be slightly more fearful every time we leave our homes or gather in large groups. It robs us of the (real or imagined) feeling of safety and security we enjoy in our country.

      A hidden cost is the economic hardship it brings on the people being terrorized. When people are afraid, they hoard. Money, supplies, anything that may be of value is something people stock up on when they aren’t sure if it will be safe enough to leave home, or if they things they need will be available if they do. Our economy can’t be dealt those blows repeatedly. I hope those responsible are brought to trial soon!


  2. Joe Guzman

    Well said, Yusef. I would only add that the reason terrorists use fear as a weapon is as a result of their own fears: fear of the Other, fear of open debate, fear that their own beliefs may be wrong. No one thinks clearly in a state of fear and they want everyone else as fearful as themselves.


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