Watt, I need a gun!

She woke up thinking that she may still be asleep.  It was a rough night out with the girls, they had  fun at the club.  Nevermind that, was someone standing at the foot of her bed?!


Whoever it was ran out of her apartment, then she called me.
Be sure to read the rest after the video!

I had her dial 911 from her locked bedroom while I drove to her place. I got there before the police did.  Not because I live close by, but because the police didn’t prioritize her call.  When she opened the door, she was a mess, a jumble of snot, tears, and runny makeup from the night before.

The cops took a report, it was the best they could do. The police are good to have around if something bad happens, but most often, they can only be there after it already has.  It’s up you to protect yourself and those you care about until the police get there. After the cops left she turned on the stove, set the kettle to boil, then pulled out a metal cylinder filled with an imported tea that she’d been saving for a special occasion.  This occasion definitely counted as special, just not in a way we’d have enjoyed.  She sat down, and in a calm, level tones said “Watt, I need a gun.” I knew that was coming.  She knows I am an avid shooter; I enjoy spending time at the gun range with my friends.  I gave her the answer she wanted, but a lot more than she expected.

“You probably do.”  I told her in a measured reassuring voice, between sips of tea.  “However, there are a few other things we’re going to get you first. You’re going to be a Prepper.”

  • Dog (Pronounced: dôg) A domesticated carnivorous mammal (Canis familiaris) related to the foxes and wolves and raised in a wide variety of breeds.

    Fawkes is a Dog (Pronounced: dôg). A domesticated carnivorous mammal (Canis familiaris) related to the foxes and wolves and raised in a wide variety of breeds.

    “Get a dog!  If you like big, scary dogs that will protect you with tooth and nail then get one.  If you like small, cute lap dogs that will protect you by being a living, breathing “intruder alert” siren, then get one like that.  They’ll love you just the same.  I have friends who professionally train dogs that I will introduce you to.” Dogs are often far scarier than a person with a gun; we know dogs are ruthless and relentless in protecting their families.  Dogs can’t be negotiated with, are rarely intimidated by outsiders, and they will protect their loved ones to the death.  They have the added benefit of being a lot of fun and always on the job.  They will be alert and ready even if you are asleep.

  • Look into the price of a home security seystem with a company like  ADT http://www.adt.com , Brinks http://homesecuritydeals.com/ ,  or  your local security company. Talk to all your friends and try to only do business with a company that someone you know already uses.  References are everything, do the research and take time to talk to any of the providers willing to come out and show you way they offer as well as give you a quote.
  • If you live in an apartment, a rental, or just can’t afford to use a company with a monthly service fee, then get a Magnetic Door Alarm from the $1 store, yes I am serious.  I bought a bagful as a backup incase the power goes out from Dollar Tree http://www.dollartree.com/school-office-supplies/Tools-Batteries-Lightbulbs/Window-and-Door-Alarm-System/291c439c439p184790/index.pro?method=search They work amazingly well! They aren’t attached to a company so when it goes off it alerts you to A) Call 911 and B) take the safety off your firearm and hide.  YES, I SAID HIDE!  Preferably, hide in your Saferoom. The best scenario is one where the criminal leaves after hearing the alarm, or robs your house while you are hiding, then leaves.   I am not going to go out looking for the bad guy, the bad guy has a gun too.  I want my gun to be a surprise if they come for me or my Team, and not the less than valuable things like money and electronics.

After we talked about those things, I went into the more difficult part of the conversation.  I told her “Only after we’ve taken time to look into all of those things can we seriously talk about our shopping for a gun that suits you.  I want you to get exactly what you need and I will be diligent in helping you do it the right way, but a gun is only a tool.  It can’t think for itself.”  The police asked her several serious questions that made her squirm.  “Had you been drinking or were you drunk when you came home?,” “Are you sure you locked your does/windows before bed?”.  The police noticed that her makeup was runny from tears, that meant that she hadn’t showered before bed.  It was reasonable to ask if she was too drunk to bother and simply passed out.  She said that she wasn’t that drunk, just tired.  The police kept a poker face and didn’t let on as to whether they believed her or not.  My concern was that if she’d had a gun last night, would she have been able to take of the safety and fire correctly if she had been drinking.  She was more than a little upset with me for putting it that way, I reminded her that owning a gun would be the single most important decision a person can make in their life.  I won’t sugar coat it, home defense weapons are designed to kill.  The life her gun can take could easily be her own if she is drunk when she tries to use it.  I would not be able to look myself in the mirror if that happened and I knew I hadn’t addressed this with her.

After taking her, and subsequently a few other friends through their personal journey of discovery, I’ve come up with a single, Unifying Theory on how to make the right choice!

  •  Only buy a gun that is the same make and model as one you have fired a box of ammo through yourself.  After you know exactly what it feels like and how it functions, you’ll know if its the right gun for you.  You will have a lot of friends advocating different makes and models of guns.  They will tell you stories, and show you articles to back up the claims they make.  Politely listen, and read that info they give you.  Then ask all your friends if they own a firearm and if they would be willing to go to the local gun range with you to try shooting a box of ammo through it. It may take time, but I suggest doing it with every friend that volunteers.  Do it in a group if you like.  Make it a Saturday morning trip to the gun range!  No matter what, get the gun that you felt comfortable with!   Not the cannon or the peashooter that you don’t, just because someone told you it’s the “Smart choice.”

Lets make this a post we send our Gun-Curious ™ friends to when they ask, “What should I get to defend my home?”

This is just one article that focuses on the subject, click to see more on being a Prepper!

My first firearm was the venerable Mossberg 500 Shotgun.  The Mossberg is an EXCELLENT first choice for home defense.

I added a Blackhawk Knoxx Breachers Grip, it’a s recoil-reducing grip that absorbs 45% of the recoil. I can fire min with one hand as if it was a really large pistol.

More info on Shotguns:



I’m also a big fan of Hi-Point weapons. Highpoint guns have the benefit of having interchangeable magazines between the rifles and pistols that are chambered in the same caliber. That means the magazine I use in my pistol can be taken out an inserted into my carbine rifle, or the other way around.  That’s a very good thing so if you ever want to buy a rifle, then pistol, or vice versa you stay with the same equipment and brand.  http://www.hi-pointfirearms.com/carbines/carbines_45caliber.html 

I added a Handall Grip for $8 http://www.getgrip.com/main/overview/handall.html and a pistol/handgun safe http://www.honeywellstore.com/store/products/honeywell-5103-83-cu-steel-security-safe-digital-lock-all-black.htm You can get these online at Amazon, or a Big 5 Sporting Goods.

More on Hi-Points:




  1. Angela Grant

    Hi Yusef, you write beautifully. I enjoyed your post! Your intent is admirable and should be applauded.

    Great advice against the back drop of universal background checks, including gun shows. I don’t think people should own semi-automatics but I am no expert.

    BTW, the gun images are powerful; I found them scary, given my personal experience. If that was your intent ( made people think twice) you succeeded. Angela


    • YusefWateef

      I’m glad that you took enjoyed it. My intent was not to scare anyone. Just to be sure I emphasized the extreme caution that we should take in the decision to own a gun. Please expand on why people should not own semi-automatics, I’d like to hear more about your position.


      • Angela Grant

        Hi Yusef,

        Your post is an alternative and should be read by anyone considering the purchase of a gun for protection. However, I feel a simple revolver is sufficient for that purpose.

        My husband was a snipper in the 82nd airborne; he taught me to shoot He was a staunch supporter of second amendment rights , which I share. Unfortunately, he shot himself in the head and died almost 10 years ago,therein lies my trepidation about guns.


      • YusefWateef

        My heart and condolences go out to you and your family.

        The simplicity of a revolver is one of the things that make them excellent choices for many people. Choosing between a revolver and a semi-automatic is a matter of style and comfort, they are equally lethal. Gun capacity is like water. Its better to have it and not need it, than to need it and not have it.


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