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These are the most prevalent lies I am told by people who love me very much.
They aren’t malicious, they are comfortable works of fiction that allow the vast majority of people to justify and propagate a mediocre existence.  I’m going into detail about the damage that those lies do to men who don’t challenge themselves by accepting the world as it is as opposed to how it should be.  I broke free of the limited thinking these lies encourage.


One of the most common literary threads I follow is Deism, the rational belief in god(s).  Not content to only see the (pseudo) North American Christian perspective, I travelled the world and took copious mental notes on the common threads that religions share.  What I figured out is that most god(s)…aren’t that different.

Depending on what corner of the earth you come from, you believe in a set of god(s) that look like your people, justify the ways of your culture, and give you a set of moral, ethical, and legal standards to construct a society from.  Just like guns, problems start when you force what you have on others because you can’t handle the responsibility of having one, without the need to show off.

If you can’t separate yourself from the notion that there is a unique, all-seeing, all-wise man-in-the-sky that allows genocide, rape, and starvation BUT will judge and reward you when you are dead because you lead a selfless, self-sacrificing life then this entry is not for you.

Clearly, you don’t have the fundamental building blocks needed to modify any of your behaviors to achieve what I am about to set out for you.

Just be yourself.

This is one of the most subversive pieces of advice a man can take.  If we were to Just Be Ourselves, we would never develop the secondary character traits that make us envied, successful, and desired.  Here is one of many examples I can give.

Achieve, and maintain a healthy weight.

If I were going to Just Be Myself, I would eat a 12 14 16-ounce porterhouse steak that’s covered in bleu cheese for dinner every day, and wash it down with a jug of sweet-tea mixed with sugary lemonade.  I don’t do that.  I try to mix in baked chicken or fish, fresh veggies, fruit, and a lot of exercises.  Then reward myself with the occasional 24-ounce porterhouse steak.  I do not enjoy the treadmill, nor do I enjoy baked, salt-free chicken breast, salad with oil and vinegar dressing, and a gallon of water nearly every day.

Is what you eat every day something you enjoy?  If it is, you’re probably fat.

I’ll wait a minute for you to adjust your mindset to accommodate stark honesty and grim reality.

You’re still with me, good.

I was fat for a long time.  I ate what I enjoyed.  Now, I am terrified of being fat.  Not being fat has the bonus of making me stand out because most Americans are.  The simple act of eating correctly gives me an unfair advantage in my career and social life because I am seen as being a man who can be trusted with control because I am disciplined.

A few of you are still holding on to the thin thread of hope that I am lying.

Equality is a lie.

Equality is an aberration, it does not exist.  I need you to please give me credible evidence to the contrary.  Having said that, I want to take you one step further and encourage you to seek an unequal relationship in your life.

Make life unequal in YOUR FAVOR.  Use education, the belief that your Team should come out on top, and that you want the people you love to have the things that you want to provide them.  We can tip the scales in our favor easily.

Edit your friends, online and in life.

Editing means more than just hitting the Delete button, it means adding quality people that you can add value to, and in turn learn from.

Do not “forget and forgive”.

Never forget the people who helped you achieve anything, large or small.  One of the best things about achieving success is being able to pay back those that helped you by either helping them or paying it forward and helping others that are where you started out

Never forget those who work against you.  Men who forgive are usually fools who will be wronged in the same manner, possibly by the same person or institution, repeatedly.

Earning a reputation as someone who is relentless in paying people back with the same treatment that they gave you will earn you a reputation and make you a target for the weak to be jealous of, but someone who is sought out by the successful because they want an ally, your attitudes brought you the success they have.

There are few people willing to live a life of brutal self-honesty that fuels the fires of enlightenment and self-improvement, be one of them.

* My beliefs are based on the evidence I have seen in my life. My mind can always be changed if I am presented with information I don’t have.  I am more than happy to discuss god or any other topic I write about on my website or talk to you about in person with you, I just have a few simple rules I follow, just look at the picture.

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This chart was taken from the article “Debating a Christian – The Atheist Handbook” by Jeremy L. Moran, JT Eberhard, Adam Brown, and other contributors at




  1. TotalMisha

    Is the envy of other humans really the best/only goal successful people should have? My view on equality is much different, I don’t think we should all be equal in income, skill, attractiveness or anything else. When I think equality for all people, I mean it on the moat basic of levels. No one should suffer through extreme poverty, be denied medical care in a life threatening emergency, be blamed for being raped because they have breasts or be persecuted in any way for having a belief that does not conform to one’s government or society. I could care less if Mrs. Jones has a set of Electrolux appliances and Mrs. Chin washes laundry in a metal tub. Some people will always be more attractive, smarter, have more money (earned, won, or inherited). Humans are naturally competitive, and there’s nothing wrong with having rewards for those who seek them.


  2. Valeria

    Do not forget and forgive.

    Interestingly, I was thinking about this just this morning.

    The term “forgive and forget” is horribly abused. I think it leaves something out. I would reformulate it as this: forgive, forget, yet hold accountable.

    Criminals, that is, people with a criminal mindset, don’t think the way we do. They will try to use guilt against you — to avoid accountability by making you feel as if you are not “holy” enough to forgive and forget.

    Forgive, in my way of thinking, means not to hold on to negative thoughts, don’t keep ruminating over slights.

    Forget, also in my way of thinking, means to release the emotional charge connected to the event.

    But you have to hold accountable. If someone robs you, you don’t want to ruminate over it and keep reliving it.

    You want to go to the police, file charges, see that the person is convicted.

    Criminals, however, would love for you to let them get away with all sorts of things — so they can continue to use you as a patsy.

    Maybe I should reword this: hold accountable first, then forgive and forget. After all, it’s a lot easier to forgive and forget someone who is in prison!


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