Native American Heritage, A Cultural Excursion Day.

The Lost City Museum of Archaeology in Overton, Nevada sponsors Native American Heritage Day. I spent the day there watching traditional dances, enjoying live flute songs, and even more importantly hearing about things that plague Native American life as well as what they are doing as a community to improve their standing as a community and as a people.

Cultural Excursion Day is a concept I came up with in my travels. No matter where I am in the world I try to take a few days every month to do things there that can’t be done anywhere else in the world.  The goal is to expose myself to cultures, activities, and people who I ordinarily wouldn’t be able to because they are unique to where I am living at the time.  I go out to take part in something special to that part of the world. Being able to step into other cultures and learn how they live is a crucial Life Skill. Here is one of my favorite adventures.

These pictures are of the Dineh Tribe.

The person doing the Hop Crow Dance this picture is from the #Dineh / #Navajo tribe.  The Crow Hop Dance is a complex and difficult dance that’s done differently depending on if you are a man or a woman.


I managed to catch these pictures but it wasn’t easy. The dancers are moving and a frenzied pace.


Equally as impressive as the dancing is everything they wear.


Each piece of what they wear is a finely detailed piece of material with beadwork and sewn in sequins that easy go into the thousands. Every piece is hand-made!


I listened to an amazing flute player. Some call that style the “Spirit Flute”.


This was taken during The Fancy Shawl Dance. She made lots of broad, extravagant movement that showed off the tassels and intricacies of what she wore.


What they wear is often passed from generation to generation. Everything is authentic in their garb; even the feathers are 100% real. A saying that they shared with us is “Though the bird may be long gone, its spirit still remains.”


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  1. myah

    You managed to capture some amazing photos and I’m sure it was much more spectacular to witness in person. Seeing this reminded me of the time I spent in oregon and had the opportunity to witness something similar to that. It reminded me of the overwhelming emotion and feeling that came over me. Thank you for sharing this


    • YusefWateef

      I’m glad you enjoyed the pictures. There were a lot more dances and colors, next time I go to an event like this I will need a high-speed camera to catch all the action. Some of the dances had eight people in full regalia all at once.


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