Fiji, A Cultural Excursion Vacation.

BULA! It means “Hello”, “Welcome”, and quite a bit more.  It’s always be the first thing you hear from anyone in Fiji, it’s a timeless greeting that conveyed the spirit of their islands to me!

Cultural Excursion Day is a concept I came up with in my travels.  No matter where I am in the world, I try to take a few days every month to do things there that can’t be done anywhere else in the world.  The goal is to expose myself to cultures, activities, and people who I ordinarily wouldn’t be able to because they are unique to where I am living at the time.  I go out to take part in something special to that part of the world. Being able to step into other cultures, and learn how they life is a crucial Life Skill. Here is one of my favorite adventures.

 You may notice the lack of pictures from the island party.  I was having too much fun to take any! Everything from volleyball (and eating BBQ), to snorkeling (more BBQ), listing to music (while eating BBQ) and finally a beachside nap!

On a side note, the reason there is someone leading the horse for me is because I was clearly not up to the task of controlling the horse I rented.  The horse and I had a brief conversation on who was in charge, I lost.

To read more on World Travel, click here. To learn more on Life Skills, click here.

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