Your Revolution Will Be Televised and That’s Why You Will Fail!

Likes, Loves, and Thumbs Up on your posts, pictures, and comments are not your ally.  They are making you lazy, stupid, and likely to get caught!

Get Down or Lay Down!

When I say that your revolution is televised, and that’s why you will fail, it’s a warning against everything that’s been stopping you from getting your movement, political organization, cult, crew, squad, posse, or whatever you call yourselves off the ground.

Relying on the nameless, faceless hordes that mindlessly declare their cyber-allegiance to the most fashionable cause du jour, or secret, subversive sect is building your house on shifting sand.  It’s subjecting yourself as well as your co-conspirators to exposure.


Exposure means different things to different people.

To some its social censure and embarrassment, to others exposure = death!

With the explosion of social media in these past two decades, we’ve seen how things like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter can seem to be the deciding factor in everything from viral marketing techniques to fueling revolutions.  I’m skeptical, and here’s why:

  • The alternative media doesn’t have a platform to get their message out.  Unless you’re like me, and the people on my Team, you are beholden to the few outlets available to you.  If you see it on a social media site, so does everyone else. Including the people you are struggling against.  The concept of some sort of “underground electronic communications network” becomes less and less likely.
  • Has anyone ever taken a critical look at the disparity between the numbers of online supporters versus the number of people who actually show up to become active dissenters and protesters?  I’m going to dig into that over the next few months.

You’ve been lulled into the belief that there is a way to build a solid, core group that relies not on face-to-face interaction to measure a man’s worth.

Wake up! 

With the recent onslaught of information leaks, whistleblowers, and security compromises that grow in number and severity every day.  I see more people looking down the wrong rabbit hole.

There will always be people willing to seek out information for gain. For some, the gain is financial, for a growing number it’s being able to take action against those in power.  This will only get worse.  Not just because there are more people willing to reveal secrets, but also because people are willingly handing over sensitive plans and information to the internet under some false sense of security. Even worse, it’s with the naïve belief that people who they only know by a screen name or alias are, genuinely on your team.


Some guys got it right. They know how to build a network, make plans, and execute complex maneuvers without “posting” their plans for the entire world to see.

Facebook and YouTube have become excellent platforms for criminals to brag about their nefarious deeds – right before being caught because they handed evidence to “the people on their friend’s list.”  The reason guys who got it right, succeeded because they knew how to keep their circle tight, and their information limited to face-to-face encounters; not online conversations that hid the physical cues that would alert them not to trust someone.

The Mafia, and no I am not going into a detailed history of the organization or their role in America.  Instead, let’s focus on a few of the things that made them one of the most feared and revered groups in modern history.  They had rules of conduct, safety measures that kept their organization private and their exact details a secret.  Modern men can learn quite a bit from them, starting with this easy to follow, yet often overlooked rules:

“Never write anything down.” & “Don’t talk about anything on the phone.”


(Evidence: none)

“The Chin” was an excellent example of how keeping mouths shut and taking extreme measures to minimize risk can pay dividends! Vincent Louis Gigante March 29, 1928 – December 19, 2005, A.K.A. The Chin was a New York Italian-American who was Boss of the Genovese crime family from 1981 to 2005.  He was never caught on a wiretap, ever.  His staunch refusal to even allow anyone in his organization to even speak his name without immediately being put to death is an insight into how much he internalized the concept of leaving no evidence.  Even members of other crime families were seriously punished for speaking his name.  If someone wanted to indicate that they were talking about him or that an order came from him, they either pointed to their own chin or made a “C” with their fingers.  He remained a free man and ran his organization longer than anyone else of his time.  He was one of many men arrested when Salvatore “Sammy the Bull” Gravano, former underboss of the Gambino crime family became a cooperating witness for the prosecution in 1991, but that’s another story. Loyalty is a rare commodity.

Deeper still.

The more important you become, the more scrutiny you will have focused on you.  As you build your Team as I have mine, behave as if you are the CEO of the largest company in the world Boss of the largest family in the world, protect yourself and your people by not letting the other team get any information on you.

I boil it down even farther to the reductionist theory of “If it’s important, it’s face to face!”  The government records all electronic media.  That’s true whether you’re reading my words from a desolate Internet cafe in Springfield, USA or a thriving metropolis in Europe.

Someone knows what you are reading, who sent it and can trace it back to you if they so choose.  This includes text messages; recorded Skype conversations, instant messenger conversations, emails, and phone records!  If you’re lazy, you’ll be found out.

Remember, every President we have ever had has come under scrutiny for what they have been recorded doing.  Some became undone by their own devices (see: Watergate) and others are learning from those examples and minimizing risk.  Consider President Obama deactivating his personal Blackberry before taking office.

“Just because you’re paranoid doesn’t mean they aren’t out to get you.”
~Joseph Heller, Catch-22

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BONUS: Hat Tip to Gil-Scott Heron, “The Revolution Will Not Be Televised.”


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    An excellent and thought provoking piece, by my long time friend, Yusef Wateef. He is gifted with the ability to peel back the thin veneer of societal norms and expose it’s nasty under workings. This essay is no different. Read and meditate on it amigos….

    That one really smart kinna uppity black guy


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