Singapore, at a time for the faithful.

Singapore!  The name conjures memories of hot rain showering down on a metropolis of explorers, travelers, and Adventurers like me in this beautiful blend of cultures.  

It may be the diversity of people and beliefs that gives the city its appeal, but it’s the feeling of unity that they all share that has me enthralled with Singapore. Keep in mind, Singapore has no fewer than four national languages, seven religions, and it’s also a City-State.  That means its a city, and a state at the same time! This pace has a lot going on.

These pictures are from Thaipusam.  I made it a point to visit Singapore in time to see this famous celebration of faith and endurance.  Thousands of Hindu men & women converge to bring offerings.  An offering of milk is in the sealed jars on the heads of the women.  There are gifts of endurance, as made testimony to in the piercings on the faces and flesh of the devotees as well.  Look at the worshippers that have had rods pushed through their tongue and cheeks.  They have that done just before the 3 kilometer, nearly two-mile pilgrimage from temple to temple with their family and loved ones.  Some have been under such strain and anguish they are literally and figuratively held up by the people around them.


Singapore, at a time for the faithful.

~Watt, YusefWateef (at) Gmail (dot) com

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  1. Kristin Maack

    Thanks for sharing your photos! I am going on a year long around the world trip soon and Singapore is definitely on my list of places that I will be visiting. Thanks again and Cheers!


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