Transgender Issues and The Fine Art Of Violence.

Fallon “THE QUEEN OF SWORDS” Fox! A name that’s been on everyone’s lips lately in the world of MMA (Mixed Martial Arts). Let’s start with a few seconds of her fighting so that we have perspective. Turn down the sound, there is commentary and music on the videos.

Here is a video of her delivering a brutal 39-second knockout to Ericka Newsome. Skip to 5:50 if you don’t want to see the fighter interviews.

Here is a 1-minute video of her executing a fight-ending arm-bar to Scottie Fortner to win the APFC Women’s Lightweight Championship!

Fallon Fox was born a man, there is a reason anyone, man or woman, who inject hormones is barred from Professional Sports!.

(I’ll let that sink in.)

Adds a whole new level of complexity and depth to her chosen nickname “The Queen Of Swords” doesn’t it?

The woman who won that fight was a man before 2006. Fallon Fox was a man for the first 30 years of her life. The women Fallon Fox fought (say that three times fast…) didn’t know that. Her management contests her past even being an issue because she justifiably should not be discriminated against because of gender, sex, or any interpretation thereof. They believe that her past as a man is irrelevant.

I call Bullshit.

I believe Fallon Fox has a mechanical advantage over her opposition as well as being able to draw upon 30 years of experience using a mans physical tools.

Professional fighting is always divided into weight classes. Example: 250-pound man with 5% body-fat would beat the ever-living snot out of a 200-pound man with 5% body-fat, even if they both were equal in training. Even if the smaller man had more training, a 25% weight difference means it still would not even be a close contest. Size matters.

Now, contrast this with two men of equal training and body-fat. Those make excellent competitive fights. Would you pit a man and woman with equal body-fat, weight, and years of training against each other and believe on any level that it would be fair to the woman? The notion of equality breaks down when we discuss pure physical power. Men are generally bigger, stronger, capable of more genuine violence, and are more aggressive. Largely due to testosterone, even if in her case it has not been present for several years.  Her formative years as a man benefited from testosterone and all of the physical perks that came with it. It’s become socially incorrect to point out that difference, however, it’s generally true.

Remember Erika Newsome, the woman Fallon destroyed?  She was emotionally crushed as well!

Fallon Fox has undergone more than two years of hormone therapy to become more feminine. She is legally and medically recognized as a woman. However, she will always have a male bone structure, male muscle structure, male knuckles/fists, and male hips. I make special note of the hips because one of the things that finely tuned martial arts systems and boxing coaches stress is that the hips are what generate torque for concussive force. Kicks, punches, elbows and knees knock people unconscious because of power generated in the hips. Refer back to the 39-second knockout video. Hips are also the fulcrum, and most important part of executing an arm-bar. A devastating, fight-ending technique designed to hyperextend and break your opponents elbow.

We aren’t talking about the right to marry, love, or be recognized as the sex or gender of one’s own choosing in the eyes of the government. We are talking about *the fine art of physical violence*. Full contact and direct.

She spoke out on CNN and Inside MMA about fighting, the medical community, and her perspective.

Here is a heartwarming 5-minute documentary where Fallon Fox talks about her journey.

I also suggest that you take an hour to watch the documentary “100% Woman.”  Michelle Dumaresq is a transgender woman who entered the competitive world of Elite level downhill cycling and absolutely slaughters her competition by enormous margins.  Pay close attention to the objections voiced by women who have bled and sweat to make it to that level.  Only to see someone who is a less than average competitor in the Mens division enter as a Woman, with a man’s physicality. Several women open say that they are afraid to cycle close to her because if they bump into each other they will take most of the injury since the other cyclers who were born women are so much smaller and less muscular.  It’s like me going up against a sumo, I would not survive a direct clash.

Fallon Fox fighting women is the equivalent of my being able to compete in the “Advanced Children’s Division” at my next Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu tournament.  Grossly unfair!

I want to see a fight at 145 pounds between Fallon Fox and Cris “Cyborg” Santos! It would sell out any fight card it was placed on. They are both under scrutiny for injecting hormones and chemicals to manipulate their gender and fighting ability. It would be an epic event!

For those unfamiliar with Cyborg, behold!


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  1. MStabby

    The loss of muscle mass a transgender woman experiences after taking two years of hormones is tremendous. Nobody can argue that fact. Hip torque is a factor only if you have the muscles to support it. Bones alone cannot do the job. No matter how many years you’ve done a job with a certain set of tools, if you’re a carpenter and every single hammer disappears, you can’t do much no many how many nails you’ve got until you find a way to improvise. As a transgender woman, you can build muscle again, at the same rate any other woman does, not with the relative ease and bulk that you did as a man.

    What hasn’t been done is research on what happens if an athlete keeps up the same vigorous training regimen from start to finish of transition. For instance, if Olympic Boxer Michael Hilton decided to transition but kept training at the rate he is right now, for the next two years, what changes would his body go through? Until somebody does a study like that, nobody can say for sure. What the Olympics and other sporting authorities have been able to say with reasonable certainty after consulting the professionals and spending thousands of dollars, is that with two years of continuous hormone therapy, they can see no discernible advantage or disadvantage in either direction (mtf or ftm). No matter how strongly people may feel it’s there in their gut, the science so far, doesn’t support any of those feelings as fact.


    • YusefWateef

      I added two videos to illustrate my point. One is the perspective of Lily Rox, a transgender woman. The other is the short documentary “100% Woman” about Michelle Dumaresq.


  2. Selma

    Thank you for an excellent article. Fallon Fox does have advantages that disqualifies him from women’s MMA for ethical reasons.


  3. YusefWateef

    Thank you both for your input. In a few weeks I may do a follow-up piece to see how things have progressed. I’m looking forward to more comments from other perspectives.



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  5. p. ray

    Good article. Have to agree with this one. I am not against transgender women/men competing against the “opposite sex”. There are even some biological women who make a push for that, so why not? It would certainly bring in the ratings. Remember when they used to make a big deal about Serena Williams being able to compete against men? Well, she did once, and got her ass thoroughly kicked.


    • YusefWateef

      The issue is that whenever its Men Vs. Women on an amateur scale, women can be competitive and sometimes victorious. However, when the competition is between the top professionals in any competition the women get trounced. There are rarely, if ever any “close” matches/fight/competition between men and woman on a professional level. The last time this was a national issue was back when Tennis Pro Bobby Riggs defeated Billie Jean King in the 70’s. King was the top women in tennis for many years, yet wasn’t even competitive against Riggs. Reference:

      The larger issue is that the sport is irrelevant. Women generally can’t compete in competitions against men that aren’t physical either. The drive to win is dictated more by testosterone than anything else. The most aggressive men dominate the less aggressive men, physically as well as professionally. Women are rarely as aggressive as the most passive men.

      Two sports that have had decades of scientific as well as simple speculation about why woman don’t win against men are Chess and Billiards/Snooker. To this day, we can’t figure out why so few women can’t amass a winning career that stands out among the top men.

      I need to read more on this.



      • p. ray

        Very cool. Good things to think about. I agree a bit with the science blog article that when it comes to sports or games dealing with cognitive ability it has a lot more to do with women’s participation in the sport than anything else. Neil DeGrasse Tyson made a short comment about this during an interview session. Also Bobby Riggs was post playing age. It was a for show competition more than anything else. I told King, as good as she was, could have taken down a man still active in the game.


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