Half My Life.

I’ve only been an adult half my life. That’s a mind-bending concept for me.  Now, I’m taking a lifelong sabbatical in the wild!  I am going to continually thrust myself into the deepest chasm of humanity that I can find and lose myself in, because life is awesome!  

I’ve conquered two university degrees, I’ve climbed Mount Fuji in Japan, I’ve jumped off of cliffs in Hawai’i, I’ve broken bread with the wretched and committed atrocities with the deified.  I’ve done things that would effectively trigger every “Parental Control” on your computer if I described them here.

Still, I want more.

I’ve been preparing for quite a while.  I’ve been slowly and carefully adjusting my priorities.  I’ve given things away and worked hard to reduce my material possessions. I’m mentally lean.  I’ve categorized and optimized my friends so that I can be more valuable to them.  I’ve specifically called them out to tell them how valuable they are to me.

I’ve been working towards an event, possibly several events.  I’m not certain what the event will be.  I just know how to position myself so that I can recognize the door when it appears. When the door appears, I will effectively kick it in.

I’m fortunate, as a very young man I trained myself to be brutally and scathingly aware of my flaws.  I took an unflinching look at my life and realized that I had become complacent with the American Dream.  A few cars, a big house, pool, hot tub, corporate job with a Fortune 100 company that provided a great income, and 278 channels on satellite.  200 of which all managed to show reruns of the same crappy M. Night Shamalama Shimbleshanks Shyamalan movies!

Over time it dawned on me.  I’d surrounded myself with a dangerous amount of easily replaceable things, and even more easily replaceable people.  I haven’t gone on a real Adventure in years!  The parts of my mind (I separate my mind from my brain) that were muscular from use as a center for creative problem solving and getting myself into/out of trouble had been put on hiatus.

Fear set in.

I’m far too young to be complacent with ANYTHING in life.  So I opened the floodgates.  I reached out to my Team, and reactivated my global network.  I was immediately inundated with emails and calls from friends all over the globe, intent on putting the band back together.  Though, I’m not sure that’s the route I want to go.  I may simply wander the earth for a while.

For most men, going on sabbatical is a time in his life or career when he sets time aside to have an extended, calm time of self-reflection.  Or to get closer to the more soothing aspects of nature.

Not me!

I’m just getting started!


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  1. Angela

    Wow, I can’t imagine where that will take you! I have known you for I think almost all of the 2nd half of your life and I’ve enjoyed the ride (watching from the outside looking in & listening to your stories). Looking forward to hearing the next chapter!


  2. Timah

    Yes, you’re ready! I felt this way around this time last year and made moves to live abroad for the first time. That urgency and determination? That need for “more”? I get it. Yea, you’ll be unstoppable. Best wishes on the next chapter.


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