From One, Comes Many. The Nomadness Travel Tribe!

In this podcast, listen to how Evies journey has led her to becoming one of the most influential voices in world travel!  Evita Turquoise Robinson. Yes, her name really is Turquoise, is a beautiful, pioneering, innovative, accomplished businesswoman that has come to prominence as the matriarch of the Nomadeness Travel Tribe!  The tribe boasts over 5,650 members spread out across nearly every continent and country.  They boast hundreds of thousands of passport stamps, indicative of the worldwide adventures they embark on. Evie and I shared stories.  She told me about her adventures around the world, what literature and authors have shaped her path with their insight, and Sukebe (すけべ) English teachers in bars getting drunk with girls that graduated from being their students, to their girlfriends!

Listen here:

Or here:

Evie has a mantra that stands head and shoulders above most of the canned catch phrases you’ll hear from other globe-trotting entrepreneurs. She says “If you’re not thinking globally, you’re not thinking.”  That phrase hits home for anyone who has made the decision to forge their own future. Her Twitter Handle is @EvieRobbie and you can find the tribe on Facebook at Officially Sponsoring Nomadness RV College Tour 2013!

Nomadness Playing Holi in Jaipur, India.

I just added this to my Bucket List!

To see more on World Travel, click here.



  1. Kennaleo

    Loving this blog post and podcast. I’ve been fortunate to meet Evie in real life and travel with her to India. She is an awesome person and I look forward to her book coming out. Yusef, mama was right…you cannot un-sell your ass! I enjoyed this podcast and love the book references. I should go pick up these! From one comes many…this is very true…

    Beyonce Run the World…alright now Evie!!!

    Kenna (Tribe Cheerleader…some of you know!)


    • YusefWateef

      I’m glad you enjoyed it, we had a good time in that conversation. When I talk to people for my podcasts it’s never an “interview”, we just have a good time talking about things. I have a few more coming up. Stay tuned!


    • YusefWateef

      We are off to a roaring start my friend, we’ll have to schedule our next talk soon! I’m looking forward to digging deeper into a few of the topics we touched on but didn’t go into.


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  3. LaTisha Sloderbeck

    I am completely sharing this blog post again, just because my friends keep asking me how I travel on a dime with what can optimistically be called a “conservative” income. Thank you for posting!


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