Travel, Time Management and Bonding with a Choke Hold!

On this episode, Yusef Wateef Thornton (U.S.A.) joins Adam to discuss traveling, teaching abroad and the how to train like a champ. Wateef is an adventurer by heart and is always looking for his next new challenge, whether it’s in the ring, in the classroom, or taking in a whole new culture! Join us on this episode to hear all about his travel and life experiences.

 ~ Adam House,


I was interviewed for a change! I enjoyed being a guest in someone else’s studio. Adam and I did a lot more than talk about travel.  We discussed how to make every minute of your life count, reasons not to blow people up with bombs, Cultural Excursion Days, and how enlightenment can cause a mental break down when you go around the corner!  Talking with Adam was a lot of fun; he and I plan on visiting a few places in China together.  Be sure to listen to his Podacst, he interviews people from all over the world to discuss different perspectives.

He’s at

To see more on World Travel, click here.


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