Extreme Living Through The Eyes Of Audrey, Bodybuilding Champion!

Audrey Evans-Hanssen and I both grew up and left our hometown of Niagara Falls, New York right after hight school to carve out our places in the world.  She didn’t just carver her place, she carver her own body into a living sculpture!

We talk about life, seven-layer chocolate cake, getting rid of negative people in our lives that want to see us fail, and the price she pays for being a champion.

Click play: 


  1. ladycheetah7

    Listened to this during lunch and it was very encouraging. Change the way you eat, change your life. It has also encouraged me to get back into the gym.


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  3. Jim Woods

    It was good to hear Audrey’s voice. I used to see her at the 24 hr fitness in El Cajon. I am now in Canada. She always seemed to be in top shape. Makes me home sick. Should be back in San Diego in 2020. Thank you for the encouragement!

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