Contagion, A Blade That Carries Death Through The Air.

This Music video is me forging, profiling, and acid etching my latest knife, Contagion.  It was shot entirely on a Sprint Evo 4g camera.  It’s my first video using Final Cut Pro X.  I’ve fallen in love with FCPX because it’s a vast, deep piece of editing software!  I plan on using it to make a few short movies and videos with.  If you have any experience with it let me know. I’m always open to learning new techniques, tips, and tricks.  If you want to critique my video, go ahead.  I’m open to constructive criticism.

The song is called ShutEmDown, from his album Soundtrack for the Voices in My Head: Volume 02.


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    • YusefWateef

      Safety googles are not needed during the forging. Hitting the hot metal creates far fewer large, flying sparks than you think. Still, its never a bad idea to wear safety goggles. I was wrong not to wear eye protect when I was using the buffing wheel. That was a mistake.


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  7. Lydia H

    Finally had a moment to watch this! Oh my goodness… this was so awesome!! The song was a perfect choice; what a build! You are very focused when you hammer it (unsure if this is the correct lingo)
    …Now I want to make a knife.

    Liked by 1 person

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