Passport Into My Psyche.

I’m often asked, “So, what do you write about?”  The answer is never simple.  When I set about the task of chronicling my life and adventures, I took into account all of the tips, tricks, victories, learning experiences, and pitfalls that my friends who are authors and writers of a wide variety of genres talked to me about. 

The most common, soul-draining issue they deal with is producing a specific type of content, repeatedly.  They have a need to be labeled as A Travel Bog!, A Sci-Fi Author!, A Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Writer!, or so some other equally confining box.  It’s easy for quite a while, mainly because they are writing out ideas and stories that have been floating around in their head for quite a while, but once all of the original content on their main subject is exhausted they hit a brick wall.  HARD!

For most authors, artists, musicians, poets, and philosophers who share their thoughts, it’s no different from a musician having an earth-chattering debut album, but then suffering from the Sophomore Jinx the second time that he expresses himself.  Having a follow-up that is lackluster and pales in comparison to their first collection of songs is par for the course with most musicians.  The reason that the first collection of songs was so well put together is because the musician had been writing, performing, rewriting, and perfecting that set of songs for years!  By the time we heard those songs, they were nearly perfect.  The follow up album had a much, much shorter time between the songs being written, and then recorded for you and I to listen to.

I say that, to say this.

I’ve watched my readership grow, and grow consistently because I’m not predictable.  I have a vast library or life experiences to draw from.  I live a life that constantly introduces me to new people, places, and experiences.  I write mainly for myself.  This is my Captains Log, in fact it’s better, because it’s not just a part of my legacy that history will use to judge me long after my bones are ash.  It’s been an excellent way for new friends to learn about me.  My writings give color and context to my life experiences.

I have a well-meaning, but concerned friend who saw that I posted a link to my Resume/CV and my LinkedIn account on the front page of my blog.  He said,

Aren’t you afraid of someone who wants to contract you, or partner with you in a business deal reading the things you write?”

Clearly, he was referencing my articles on issues like the struggles my family went through as Black Americans, Trayvon Martin, Gender, and/or Race.

He was genuine in his concern, but I went on to explain to him, that I wouldn’t want to work with, or be friends with anyone who didn’t know precisely the type of man that he’s dealing with.  My life experience has taught me to be exactly who I am, consistently.

The good news is that I’ve been able to learn more about myself, and how I am received by the wider world around me!  Through being able to openly talk about my thought process and get feedback from people all over the world, I’m able to further refine, and critique my “projected self” and keep realistic tabs on my ego.

Because there is no external enemy(!), I understand that every success I have had in life is a direct result of my own will to power, discipline, and dedication.  Alternatively, because there is no external enemy, every brick that built any barriers to success and happiness in my life is a brick that I put there with my own two hands.

~Watt, the ramblings of a cursed man.



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