Terrence Chan: The Statute of Limitations Has Passed!

Terrence Chan wastes no time getting into the nuts and bolts of what he does. In this podcast, we talk about the clever blend of critical thinking, math, and testicular fortitude that he applies to poker and professional fighting. 

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523259_887737895143_1615471506_nAs a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu competitor and Mixed Martial Artist, he sees a lot of parallels between the high stakes world of poker where the consequence of misreading your opponent can result in losing every penny you have, and Mixed Martial Arts competition where misreading your opponent often results in being beaten unconscious!

351_534531713163_2758_nWe touch on quite a few issues, though Terrence really digs into a few key topics:

~ Philosophies, mindset, and approaches to fighting.

~ The two greatest Martial Arts films of all time.

~ Snuff Films.

~ Underage and illegal gambling online and overseas.

~ “Black Friday!” for online gambling.

~ The rise of podcasting and its democratization of influence.

~ His awesome tattoo.

You can see Terrence at https://twitter.com/tchanpoker & http://www.terrencechanpoker.com


He forgot to mention that his tattoo glows when he fights, really. It does. Don’t believe me?  Click on it with your mouse!

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