Podcast: Anais FW! ~ International Model, Expat, and Conversationalist!

Anais FW is an international model and actress with a wealth of diverse life experiences.  She’s become one of the brighter stars I’ve met in Shanghai, China!  In this Podcast we sit down for an afternoon tea to dig deep into gender, sex, Men, Women, and the post feminism “dating scene”.

This is one of the more interesting talks I’ve had and it’s was definitely enraging enlightening, for both of us!

A few things we have fun with!


  1. Jess

    I think was she was asking was what if a man is just legitimately wrong? Am I supposed to be gracious about it.” Your response “you leave” confused me. I think she may have meant situations not as seriuos as your assumed in your reply. It sounded to me as if she was hearing you say that women should never correct or give a man criticism, if they also expect to be treated like Ladies. Thus posing her question. Perhaps after that, her silence reflected a bit of intimidation from you. Your response was so firm and so quick she may have felt it futile to clarify. This, of course is just one person’s observation and I could be completely off base. There is a great difference is loving someone enough to tell them the truth, even about themselves and antagonizing someone just for the sake of arguement.


    • YusefWateef

      Thanks for pointing that out Jess. I didn’t mean that she should run instead of having a reasonable talk with him, if he is legitimately wrong. In fact she should have a talk with him if something bothers either one of them. Legitimately or not, perception is reality. I only advocate leaving if she is in harms way or in a volatile situation.


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