3-Way Podcast!

Anais, is a friend and model from America, who’s back for a second round;  Najma is a Somalian raised in Kenya who ended up in the USA as she tries to understand what motivates others while she delves into her first business venture; and Sarah is a Canadian sex educator who makes some pretty bold claims about masturbation. They all end up at my table for a talk.  

No clever intros and outros for this one, you’ll know it’s over when a certain someone threatens to strangle and old man!

Click Play:

We cover quite a bit of ground in this conversation:

  • Why Sarah runs, http://www.EducationSexpectations.com
  • The intersection of sex and violence in the HBO Series A Game Of Thrones.  A show inspired by the books “A Song of Ice and Fire”.
  • Why 60% of my sexism is geared towards men, and their failure to define themselves as men through their actions and accomplishments, not words.
  • What happens when you have two groups of genuinely tough men, men who are genuinely not afraid to do whatever the situation call upon, occupying the same room.
  • Why women should be judged by their actions, and actions alone.
  • Why men that treat women as equals are always found the least attractive by women.
  • Censorship in China.
  • If you haven’t listened to what happen the first time Anais came on the podcast, click here to listen.

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One comment

  1. Jess

    I will comment that the GREATEST sex ed I had was watching too many of my friends get pregnant in middle school and high school. And watching how their lives and priorities had to change. I knew all the ins and outs anyone could teach and had a healthy view on sex (despite my mother trying to scare me)…but I held on to my V card until 23, just on the strength of being there for my teen mom friends.


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