The Yangtse Evening Post (Chinese: 扬子晚报)

I’ve been hired as a syndicated columnist for the Yangtse Evening Post!

Thank you to everyone who reads my posts and shares what I write.  After reviewing what I do here, and sampling a few writings specifically for the YEP, I was asked to do a regular column.  The only stipulation they had was that I limit myself to 50 words per article.

Yangtse Evening PostIt’s a challenge because writing in 50 word increments has helped to sharpen my skills as a writer.  I’m forced to consolidate my words and be concise with my delivery. This one will be published next, but I’m giving you the early edition:

The Greatest Challenge!

“To truly challenge oneself, you must step into an unpredictable situation that will shake you to the core of your being, in a faraway land, surrounded be people who don’t even speak the same language as you do, with nothing but your wits and indomitable spirit to see you through.”

~ Yusef Wateef

If you can manage in Chinese, you should be able to look me up here ->

If not, I managed to scrounge up these two links to past writings:

People Of The World ->

Chinese Corporate Culture ->

About the YEP:

  • The Yangtse Evening Post is a Chinese Language newspaper published from Nanjing, China. It’s located inside The Nanjing City News (Chinese: 南京城事) and it is one of world’s most circulated newspapers.
  • The Yangtse Evening Post was founded in 1986, and is a subsidiary of the Xinhua Daily Press Group.
  • It has a circulation of over 1.7 million copies every day, with influence over the entire Yangtze River Delta.

Two few of the goals my writings are going to achieve:

  • To encourage more and more NJ Citizens to study English, as so to be prepared for the 2014 Youth Olympic Games.
  • To leverage the influence of “One Million Nanjing Citizens Study English” campaign.

Stay tuned,


I want to know what you think.

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