Cultural Excursion Days: Shanghai Museums Edition!

I’ve never been a fan of drab museums with pictures and exhibits that people have to explain.  If it’s good art, it’ll stand up on its own!

I just finished touring a few Shanghai museums and art projects.  I fit several in on the same day because none of them are colossal.  A cursory look through these museums should take no more than two hours each.  If you find something that catches your interest, stand there and look at it all day.

Shanghai Film Museum

The biggest and most technologically advanced surprisingly is the Shanghai Film Museum.  Lots of interactive videos and pictures as well as nostalgia from the oldest film industry in the world.

Shanghai Museum of Public Security

This place has a deep collection of police, fireman, and first responder memorabilia nd exhibits.  Sprinkled in are some of the most graphic pictures from murder scenes and fires I’ve ever seen not on the internet.  definitely worth a visit.  Lots of respect went into this display of what it takes to protect people.

Museum Of Contemporary Art, Shanghai

The MOCA (Museum Of Contemporary Art) is  a good place to start if you are taking a tour of museums.  I went for the Animamix Biennale 2013-2014 Rediscovery.  A good deal of the first floor was dedicated Ms. Yu Lengs’ creation:  Uterus Man. I DID NOT MAKE THAT UP, and I will be writing more on him later. ~Watt, YusefWateef (at) Gmail (dot) Com

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