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Living abroad is a phenomenal lifestyle. I am surrounded by other adventurous world travelers who pull information from more than the mainstream media. Before I began my own Podcasts, I was a fan of several news sources that vacillate between informative and entertaining. Most exist in the middle. As an avid back-porch philosopher, the most enjoyable evenings I’ve ever had were with friends, as we solved all the problems of the world over coffee.  I am a fan of verbal sparring and critical thinking skills.

Here is a breakdown of some of the podcasts and news sources I use so I can stay abreast of what’s going on a global scale, as well as some that focus on my more idiosyncratic interests!


Dan Carlin: Hardcore History

Dan Carlin is an American political commentator, amateur historian, and podcaster. He has a lot of “out of the box” thinking and solutions to socio-political problems with an articulate, well-read presence. You can get his podcast here When you subscribe, get the most recent episode, but don’t start there! The series that really brought him to the forefront was his segment called Wrath Of The Khans! Search those out and download them first, Its where I started and what I send all my friends to spark their interest. It’s a very, very exciting re-telling and exploration of the impact that the Khans have had on the world. You may also be able to download the first part here ->—Wrath-of-the-Khans-I/Mongols-Genghis-Chingis

Stefan Molyneux

Stefan Molyneux of is a philosopher-asshole, sometimes more than I, sometimes less. Still, what we have in common is that we are able to give unpopular perspectives an honest, reasonable voice.  Sample his “The Dangers of Dating a Single Mom” piece on why men should shun single mothers.  Whether you agree or not, you will walk away having had to listen to, and voice a valid opinion for or against. What intimidates most people when they talk with him is that he thinks before he speaks, and gathers information to think about. As a man who has had to speak up on subjects people politely avoid, he has had to sharpen his ability to digest not just the parts of the argument he endorses, but look at it from the other sides perspective and address the areas they may bring up against him as well.

Listen to his philosophical perspective on The Dangers Of Dating A Single Mom. As the child of a single mom, is he too harsh?  Too honest?  Is there a difference?

He then goes on to address his critics here with The Dangers Of Criticizing Single Moms:

You can listen to the podcasts here


Frontline delivers in-depth, though-provoking documentaries on diverse topics! I rarely watch it.  Instead, I listen to the podcasts while I am multi-tasking.

One of the best, and most recent articles they have done is The United States Of Secrets. . Revolving around Edward Snowden, the governmental machine and its efforts to deal with the truths he exposed, and why he chose the method he used.

Watch The United States Of Secrets.  I am writing an article based on this right now.


BONUS: Pick up the FRONTLINE: Extras Podcast

Host Arun Rath takes listeners behind-the-scenes of PBS’s award-winning public affairs series FRONTLINE, with producer interviews, sneak previews of upcoming reports, and timely discussions with today’s top newsmakers.

Intelligence Squared Debates (U.S., there is a U.K. version that hosts topics distinctly relevant to them.)

Nearly civilized arguments. That’s the best way you describe Intelligence Squared. They’re fun, serious, and give you a lot to digest. They break the debate up into three sections and poll the audience at the beginning and end to see with side had the most impact. No matter which side you agree with, you’ll get valuable insight and information on the topics at hand.

Download it here:

Legalize Drugs- A Debate from Intelligence Squared U.S.

State of The Re:Union

America is more than the sum total of its parts, but it still has parts. It’s made up of parts that are often distinct, separate, and disparate. Host Al Letson walks us through richly textured slices of the American pie, with a keen eye for detail and nuance. Not all the stories end happily, however they are all worth listening to.

A few samples:

SOTRU: Introduction

The Beige Phillip Show

Dante Nero is not a licensed therapist, counselor, or medical professional. He is however, a former pimp, seven-time male exotic dancer of the year, comedian, writer, actor, fighter, emotional philanthropist, and revolutionary who just happens to have some unique perspectives on male/female relationships, and Game.

~Preamble to The Beige Phillip Show

This is easily one of the most honest and effective ongoing conversations about men and women available today. He and his co-hosts take an unflinching look on Attraction Triggers, the consequences of being socially and emotionally unaware of the major flaws, blind-spots, and differences between men and women, and how to repair what may be broken.

Be ready!:

The Black Phillip Show was his direct predecessor. Digest these, only 13 episodes were made before Patrice O’Neal died.  This is another thread that I am unraveling, to pen a few of my own unique ideas on:

If you don’t have iTunes, I strongly suggest you get it, it works just fine on PC as well as the native Mac platforms.

What other podcasts should I be listening to?


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