Men: Be Shark Minded!

Thesis Statement

To be a Man you have to be a predatory learner. A Mans mind must eat like the shark, always moving and looking to devour. A basic rule is to read at least one non-fiction book per month. If you read a second book, read whatever you like. Your reading a non-fiction book is like finishing your vegetables at dinner before your parents allow you to eat dessert. 

Predatory Learner

Learn about anything you want, but I suggest reading at least three books on a subject that interests you before moving on. The subject matter does not matter! If you have a deep-seated, desire to become an authority on philosophy, than pick the three philosophers that interest you the most and dig into their works. This reading may be fun, but if it is, consider it a bonus. Sharks don’t tear through lesser animals because they enjoy the fight; they do it because they have to feed.

Who’s more impressive?

The Man you meet in the office or at a party who can say, “No, I don’t spend time on pop culture, I study (Art History/Philosophy/Socio-Sexual Diversity/The History Of Ballistic Warfare/(you get the point).” Then he follows up with a few minutes of insightful commentary on what he studies.


The average guy who can verbally vomit all the mind-numbing pop culture foolishness he read on the internet five minutes ago, on command?

Be the first Man.

When you’re the Man with deep, interesting things to say, on a subject you are clearly passionate about, Men gather around you to learn something new. Women gather around because even if they don’t care about the subject matter, Men with a deeper insight into something they can talk about knowledgeably and passionately are immensely attractive. Right now, I’m digesting Meditations. A book written by Marcus Aurelius a Roman Emperor from 161 to 180 who is considered the greatest of the Stoic Philosophers. As I read, I note anything that stands out or that I don’t understand so that I can branch out into other areas of learning while I look for understanding.

If you have already read Men: Do Something Painful & Seek Discomfort or Men: Build / Create / Make Somethingthen you already know that when Phyllis, founder of challenged me to pen a piece on “The cross of the need for spiritual growth and the best of the masculine identity”, I searched for the correct framework and context for quite some time. Once I’d had a conversation with Slash, a man who asked my advice on some of the things all men deal with, I knew it would form the source material for what she wanted from me. I am going to break down and illustrate the points I made and insights I shared with him through our conversation. I’ll break it up into chunks so that I can really dig into the finer points of how I rationalized my advice. I’m looking forward to your insights as well.

Adopt the shark mind!

You can watch her video essays on YouTube HERE.

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  1. Natalie

    I absolutely agree. A person can’t stay sane without reading something that edifies. As a writer, it makes me sad that there are so many people who choose not to or think they don’t need it.


  2. Lady Cheetah

    I like the implied point that predatory learners are very selective and should indeed have an insatiable appetite to learn. But at what point can a predator stop consuming and become satisfied to enjoy his meal without always being on the prowl?


  3. Anonymous

    love the “Right now, I’m digesting Meditations.” So carefully placed after “Men with a deeper insight into something they can talk about knowledgeably and passionately are immensely attractive.” lol


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