Men: Build / Create / Make Something.

For me its Blacksmithing, for you it may be painting, building car engines, carpentry, or pottery. Whatever it is, take on a task that leaves you with something you can sign your name to and be proud of. Even if it’s ugly! I’ve made a lot of ugly knives, but I treat them all with the same love and respect as I sharpen and shine them. I never sell them or make them for money. Instead, I give them to special friends who I want to have a priceless gift, or trade them to friends for other things they have made with their own hands. 

A Man needs to have a quiet time and place to let his mind go and allow his hands to create a physical Manifestation of what’s going on inside him. ALONE! It’ll be something that demonstrates that you are at peace with your own mind and in your own thoughts.

Men will see it as something they may be able to learn from you, or in the greatest possible situation teach you something about. Women will see that you have an inviolate space where they cannot go. That there is a portion of your life and mind that is by design, inaccessible to them. They will desire you even more because of it.

Why all this?

The point that was drilled home to me, that I pass on to other Men who ask, is that everything that you want in life comes from you bettering yourself. Masculine behaviors and habits have and will always bring the added benefits of women to choose from and money earned.

If you have already read Men: Do Something Painful & Seek Discomfort or Men: Be Shark Minded! then you already know that when Phyllis, founder of challenged me to pen a piece on “The cross of the need for spiritual growth and the best of the masculine identity”, I searched for the correct framework and context for quite some time. Once I’d had a conversation with Slash, a man who asked my advice on some of the things all men deal with, I knew it would form the source material for what she wanted from me. I am going to break down and illustrate the points I made and insights I shared with him through our conversation. I’ll break it up into chunks so that I can really dig into the finer points of how I rationalized my advice. I’m looking forward to your insights as well.

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