I’m constantly beleaguered by people trying to explain to me why I should follow the path of mediocrity and groupthink acceptance that has led them to their middling, non-threatening, less than exceptional lives. Eventually, the conversations switch to my having to demonstrate, not explain, why it’s important to not be viewed as having expositions that are designed to allow us the privilege of being able to not commit to an opinion or ideal. We may like people that are able to conform their ideals and opinions to meet ours, but we respect the men who have conviction and a clear, defined stance on the things they talk about. 

Remember, the people who don’t like me, what I stand for, or my ideals, will never like me. However, those that do need to know who I am so that they can count me among their allies. It’s why I write.

In an effort to really dig into the what’s and why’s of a few hot-button topics that are on the table these days I’ve found it’s best to write it out. Fortunately for you, I’m in a sharing mood!


My keffiyah has been around the world with me.

I’m Pro Palestine

I’ve been wearing a Keffiyah since university. It’s not a flag; it’s a solidarity symbol. All my research has pointed me to believe that the Palestinian people have been cornered and forced to be as inhumanely brutal in an effort to gain their freedom as Nat Turner was in his effort to gain freedom for slaves.

Despite the overwhelming evidence to support the Palestinian claims of oppression, the Western media and government chooses the stability of a brutal regime over the ethical treatment of people. It’s why my government supported Gaddafi, Hussein, a carousel of despots in Mexican government, and has a list of democratically elected leaders that we remove through force when they do not conform to American ideals.

I want to stress the part where I write my government. I believe, have seen, and demonstrated that I have the best government on earth because it’s within my power to change that government. American history is filled with people who were born with less than I was, that went on to lead my nation to a better sense of moral and ethical correctness.

Next on my reading list is Palestine: Peace Not Apartheid, by President Jimmy Carter.

My Sexism Saved Me From Ever Being A Misogynist

Men carry the bulk of the responsibility in life, which directly carries over to bearing the brunt of making sure relationships run smoothly and that everyone is happy.

A man needs to ensure happiness in a relationship by first doing the things that have demonstrated masculinity and the ability to lead.  

That leadership may even manifest in having to stop a relationship if he’s unhappy, or if he is making her unhappy. My sexist convictions rate that as a far worse crime, dragging a woman along who is miserable, but that does not have the strength to let go or leave is an abuse of power and gives credence to the false narrative that women and men are equal in responsibility.

Need examples?  Here is not ONE, not TWO, but THREE!

Guns Are Awesome!

I like guns because shooting is fun. That’s it.

Far too many of my friends get roped into conversations where they find themselves having to defend their choice to have a gun. They mostly allow themselves to be pigeonholed into one of two camps:

1) I have a gun for protection. In case there is a danger to those I am charged with protecting.

2) I am a hunter.

I have no intention of ever giving an answer that involves more than telling you how much fun shooting is. How much I enjoy going to the shooting range, alone or with my friends to shoot holes in targets with. I don’t explain any more because I don’t have to.

The beauty of a constitutionally protected right like the Second Amendment is that there is no explanation required. It simply is. Another beautiful thing about the American system of government is that if you disagree, you can alter the system and have the laws changed. What you can’t do is force someone to explain why the exercise their right to anything.

A friend asked me for a gun.  This is what I said.

I’m a very smart man.

I judge how smart someone is by whether or not they can make themselves happy, and accomplish the goals they set out for themselves.

I have a huge pool of friends of varied accomplishments and ambitions, most of us have become more successful than most in life and are constantly under pressure to hide it because it makes the lesser accomplished feel uncomfortable. I don’t mean needless expenditures like cars, boats, and jewels. I mean having to achieve social acceptance at the cost of showing the world who you really are and what you’ve done for yourself. The question I was asked very young, that clarified why I should never present myself as “Less than” to anyone, for any reason was “Why are you struggling to be accepted by the mediocre, insecure masses who are easily threatened?” I was stumped. There is no good reason for that. Thus, at a very young age, I learned to lead with my accomplishments and ability. I let it be the first thing people realize about me when they have the “How dare he!?” moment. It’s resulted in having fewer friends than most, but a far more potent, focused, accomplished group of friends to associate myself with, teach, and most importantly learn from.

If what I wrote helps, send $5 in BitCoin to this address.

It’ll buy me coffee to fuel my mind while I write!





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  2. freespiritlives

    You’re AMAZING! Keep your truth coming, whether or not anybody agree’s with it doesn’t even matter. IT’S YOUR LIFE, RIGHT? i appreciate you sharing YOUR LIFE with others and allowing us the opportunity to be exposed to your world. DO YOU my brother….if not, other’s will try to convince you to do it “their way.” Looking forward to more….take care


  3. Josie

    “Why are you struggling to be accepted by the mediocre, insecure masses who are easily threatened?”

    I want to print this quote out for every talented “freak” I’ve ever met. I may have to settle for getting it on a coffee mug.


  4. selrahc

    This last post was very interesting… I think it scratches the surface of a much larger phenomenon- the institutionalization which leads to this cultivation of self loathing.  I wold have to argue this isn’t necessarily a black thing either.  I think that all people are at some point brought to think of themselves as inferior, not good enough, or somehow needing improvement.  Now the opposite of that would be feeling unduly entitled to whatever may be argued, which is also unrealistic.  If you look at the world like this Willie Lynch guy, we are all made out to be slaves.  We can’t get anything done as long as we are coerced to bicker amongst ourselves over the most trifling differences… I would like to think we could get over this already, but tragically I don’t think we are there yet culturally.  Once we make a decision as a whole, it will no longer matter but it will not happen overnight.   tried to comment but it wouldn’t let me since i’m not a real boy and don’t have a face crack or any of that stuff.  good food for thought! 

    Liked by 1 person

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