Adventurer / Raconteur / Extremist

Words are everything and definitions are relative.  The days of going to the dictionary are long behind us.  I’m often asked why I’m defined by these three words.

They define me so well that they are on my Calling Card I’ve put together the definitions that work for me.


The first thing people do is ask if it wouldn’t be easier for me to just say “traveler”. 

No, it wouldn’t be!

While I did inherit that as part of my mothers legend as a Gypsy and Traveler, as an Adventurer it’s much more. (Hat Tip to the Romanian contingency of my Team for educating me on the Roma people.)

A traveler needs to go somewhere.  They need to leave where they are to get to where they need to be, I don’t. As an Adventurer, I can find fun in my own back yard with nothing more than a stick and my imagination.  Actually, the stick is optional. 

Adventure doesn’t always mean travel, but it can. 

Adventure doesn’t always mean creating, but it can. 

Adventure doesn’t always mean that you have to throw yourself into danger, but it can.

As an Adventurer, I’ve amalgamated all, some, and none of these things into my definition of what an Adventurers life is.


If you ask my mother, it means I might just be a liar.  Ask my friends what it means for me and they will tell you it means I am a great storyteller who never let the truth get in the way of spinning a good tale! (Hat Tip: Mark Twain)

I love to listen to stories about people living life.  I always have, even from childhood.  Now I’ve developed myself into a man that gets to live life like a John Woo film! Now, I’m a storyteller.  I enjoy sitting down with my friends and taking turns going over the highlight-reel moments of our lives.  It’s how we tell each other about the things that make us who we are. 

I’m more than the sum total of my life experience.  I’m the sum total of my life experience, how it reflects on, and how it’s reflected by the experiences of my friends.  When I sit down with someone I find interesting, at some point in the conversation I ask a small question with what I hope will be a huge answer.

“You seem like someone who’s lived life, what’s your story?”

That’s when I sit back and go for the ride!


I was a big fan of ECW (Extreme Championship Wrestling), until it was bought by WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment).  One of the taglines the then-owner of ECW, Paul Heyman was known for saying was: “The E…is for EXTREME!”  He delivered that line with a testosterone and adrenaline fuled electricity that made your hair stand on end! That stuck with me.

ECW went beyond in terms of being willing to do what no one else would to take their place in the pantheon. Both the company and a whole made it a point to leave no stone unturned and no option unexplored.  I model my behaviors in the same way.


The E…is for EXTREME!

Yes, Extremism is relative.  What’s extreme in my office doesn’t even register on the radar in most of my social circles.  What does register is that I’ve established myself as a man who takes to like with the feral zealotry of a man possessed.  It makes me someone who became known as a winner early into my manhood.  Not because I am smarter or faster than you, but because I will keep coming back with more diverse, plans to win.  I’ve often won the prize at enormous cost to my time and soul.  Yet, I have never regretted even one instance.  For me, winning is everything. 

~Watt, YusefWateef (AT) Gmail (DOT) com


A Short Highlight on ECW

A great documentary on ECW:


  1. Carla

    I love the little glimpses you give never really disclosing too much but just enough to keep everyone hooked. You have a great attitude to life and it’s because you enjoy it so much!


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