My Connection Is Faster Because I Don’t Have The Internet!

Shocker, I do not have the internet. I haven’t for almost two solid years. That’s how I’ve stayed out of the Rabbit Hole and my productivity has skyrocketed!

You have been down the proverbial Rabbit Hole quite a few times, we all have. Depending on where you are reading this, you may be down one right now!

Remember the last time you went online to pull up quick, easy information? You probably ended up reading all sorts of articles about the Pros and Cons about that subject. Then you click all the links embedded in those articles. Things that are loosely related to the original topic. You justify it to yourself, the first time. A few clicks later and you are into researching the most obscure, idiosyncratic aspect of humanity you can possibly find online.

Still, you’re enjoying every minute of it! When you pull out of it, you have wasted far too much time and effort on info you will never use and ideas that will never make you money.

That’s the Rabbit Hole!

Interestingly enough, my writing and online productivity has blossomed since I cancelled my internet. Now when I go online at a coffee shop or restaurant I am there for specific reasons. I say hello to a few friends, send a few emails and take care of business.  Then it’s playtime. I download my favorite shows, podcasts, and books.  At the most, I am online for an hour. 


Wall Of Wonder!

Not having the internet also means I have very few choices when I am home alone. I can read a book, listen to an informative podcast, or write. All three yield great results. It also means that when I am bored with those I refer to the Wall Of Wonder!

I can’t remember where I got this idea from, but I started doing it in Sydney, Australia where I used The Big Issue. It’s something I’ve shared with my friends. A few of them have started to use it. Every city has a few free, or $1 publications. In Shanghai, China it’s TimeOut Magazine, or any of the other glossy print publications that advertise what the city has to offer.

Instructions on creating your own Wall Of Wonder:

  • Cut out articles and pictures of things you want to do and places you want to go. Use the free magazines that advertise your city’s events.
  • Use blue Sticky Tack to put it on your wall. I prefer the front hallway so I can scan it when I come home or leave home.
  • Repeat at least once a week.

A great secondary benefit is that when someone calls me and asks what I’m up to, I tell them I am planning on (whatever catches my eye on the Wall Of Wonder that day, I usually name two that I’m choosing from). I’m never in a position to say “…nothing.” That directly rolls over into having more friends. Because every place I go, I get recognized as a man who always has something fun to do.

Remember, this is not a “tactic.” It stems from being completely happy going out into any city I’m in and exploring what it has to offer all by myself and having a great time doing it!

Try it, and tell me how it works out for you!

f what I wrote helps, send $5 in BitCoin to this address.

It’ll buy me coffee to fuel my mind while I write!





YusefWateef (at) Gmail (dot) com


  1. Anonymous

    Hi Yusef I like your Wall of Wonders that is a great idea, I am so yearning to evolve to another Country. I am so attracted to Dubai it looks facsinating like I belong there, I am allergic to poverty so far it looks like the perfect fit for a Foreign Country to relocate. Africa is definately a must do just waiting for the ebola to be completly gone so I can visit at least 3 countries of choice. My spirit is calling me to move further, I moved from Vegas to NY after fourteen years. It’s neutral ground being back n NY because most of my family is here however, I am so uncomfortable in the neutral safe zone my personality exceeds the place in LIFE that is right now. What do you suggest, starting all over again from henceforth?


    • YusefWateef

      No one ever starts all over again. What we can do is take the life lessons and experiences we have, forward with us. I suggest avoiding “safe zones”. What are you doing to move forward with your plans to move overseas?


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