Charlie Hebdo: Lowering The Bar For Humanity.

In a race to the bottom, *Charlie Hebdo and his murderers pave the way.  In the next five minutes, I’ll tell you how.  

*Charlie Hebdo is a magazine composed of many people.   Instead of naming one, I use the name as an all-encompassing term for the writers and staff there.







~Watt, YusefWateef (AT) Gmail (DOT) com


  1. Jess

    I will put my FB comment here as well…..LOL…You just summed up Fox News…But aside from that, we have and have had many things in the US that people have been willing to kill and die for, justified or not. Our media just refuses to put a spotlight on the actual motives of events and actions. We have a history of groups of people being antagonized, subjugated, exploited and even killed and then being criticized for how they react. As if they should always react in a gracious and loving way to the hand of brutality. The difference is that this double standard is built into law, given justification and made into an accepted norm to many.

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  2. caprizchka

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    I don’t think that any of us should be required to “like” any particular ideology however attacking it only makes sense when both parties are on the same playing field, and thereby allowing rebuttal in kind. Of course, rebuttal in kind, attacking Judaism rhetorically, or even questioning anything about The Holocaust narrative is illegal in France, even if the speaker is an adherent of Judaism him or herself.

    Stealing the “baby Jesus” from the Vatican is more of the same. Two religions are apparently ripe for parody and derision and other acts of “free speech”, and one isn’t.

    Of course, insulting any religion is poor taste. Denying persons their purpose and meaning in life is an act of war and should be expected to bring on retaliation whether one is cloaked in “victim garb” or bare-chested. It is only certain types of Christians who “turn the other cheek,” and otherwise insist on remaining blissfully ignorant of certain facts of life.

    In addition, I expect that weapons, surveillance, and protection technology stock benefited from this event, while citizen privacy expectations just took a nosedive. I expect that this event may also cause France to reconsider their stance in not purchasing street-surveillance technology; i.e., a camera on every street corner. When events such as these unfold, I think, “Qui Bono?” and wonder whether Hebdo just committed suicide on purpose–yet another suicide bomber martyr with a payoff to survivors. How was his health at the time? It’s a rhetorical question.


  3. Maria Haukilahti

    You say that Charlie Hebdo aggravated the situation and you are completely right.

    Everything started in 2005 when the Jyllands-Posten published that series of Mohammed cartoons that caused great chaos in Denmark. After that it was for long time that no one was brave enough to publish anything similar, at least in Scandinavia. Those cartoonists got protected back then and after ten years the situation is still the same. Hebdo’s office was guarded. Sadly, according to the news, they did not feel threatened a week or two before the attack and there were less guards than usual, if I have understood correct. Would the result have been different with more guards? I doubt. What happened in Hebdo’s office was to be expected and the artists took the risk knowingly in the name of free speech.


    • YusefWateef

      I think the mistake that Charlie Hebdo and Jyllands-Posten made was believing that everyone spoke the same language. Did they expect militants to pen an article to point out how offensive the publications were being?

      Not expecting to be dealt with the same way others have been before you is like walking into a forest unarmed, thinking “I would never do violence against bears, so I shouldn’t have to worry that the bears will be violent towards me!” The bears see everything as food, your intentions have no bearing or relevance in the forest.


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