Rio de Janeiro, Brazil ~ Carnival!

South America was calling, so I moved to Brazil!

WARNING:  This post is exclamation-point heavy!

Carnival in Brazil is the standard by which all other carnivals around the world are judged! I spent the days at Ipanema Beach, Copacabana Beach, and visiting a very, very underwhelming Christ The Redeemer statue.

That was the appetizer!

For there main course I spent hours with my friends following the Bloco Carnavalesco Carmelitas de Santa Teresa A.K.A. “The Carmelitas”street parade! The Bateria (drummers) and dancers were amazing!  The Bateria are the heavy artillery!  They play the deep, soul-shattering percussion that you feel before you hear.  Enjoy the pictures, but they don’t do the party justice!


YusefWateef (at)



  1. alicia

    Wow! I can only imagine how much fun you had. I haven’t made it to Brazil….yet. I’ve always wondered why Brazil stands out as the best -and certainly most notorious – carnival in the world. What is it? The costumes, music, surrounding beaches, beautiful people? I would wager it’s a mix of it all. That’s typical for Brazil. I like to think it’s the fusion capital of the world.

    Glad you had a great time. It’s getting higher and higher on my list of places to visit.


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