Soft & Hard: Chinas Spreading Power!

As a capstone to my life in China, I put together a talk with Alexandria & Hu to go over a unique way that China has spread its power. Their authority comes from not only an academic study of China, but living in, and running successful businesses in China! 

Who they are:

Screen Shot 2015-01-14 at 3.36.10 PMAlexandria studied Chinese language and Classical Chinese literature at Yale University and now resides in Shanghai, China.  As a burgeoning cultural Ambassador and Socialite she is a part of, and creator of networks that span the soci0-professional spectrum. Not to be branded as purely a business-minded academic, Alexandria is not only a Rugby enthusiast, but also an accomplished player!

1Hu John is a Los Angeles native with roots in Trinidad and Tobago, now living in Shanghai, China where he’s successfully pursuing his filmmaking dreams on a global scale! Being able to live his dreams comes partly due to his charisma, and because he is fluent in English, Chinese and Spanish. He is well-known for his creativity and his vision to film captivating moments between Chinese and the Western culture. As he continues his journey to building the bridge of true international entertainment, he hopes to educate his followers that real insight comes from being in the journey and not just watching it.


What we are all taking about started with this video.  It was the catalyst that lead to profundity! :

Click the Play Arrow below on the left to listen to what we said!

Venerable Master Hui Li, Amitofo Care Centre

Venerable Master Hui Li


YusefWateef (AT)


  1. Abdul

    I agree with Hu that Africa has not made a decision to impress on the world their culture. But there is more to that: Most Africans innately know that one of the reasons they have not pushed their culture to the world is because the culture also contributes to the inequality that exists within communities due to most embracing the negative parts of their tradition (especially that of maintaining the “Status Quo” of this is they way it has always been done and it should stay that way), which is also endemic with African communities world wide. While the Chineese once had such mindsets, they forced themselves to evolve and make changes where necessary – the great Wall of China (it was once a closed off country that sometimes refused to sell many things to a lot of foreigners because they believed foreigners will never use it for anything good), but has now opened up to more trading, inventions and innovation leading to constant production – they dominate in trade, part of their soft power. From the past, they quickly learnt that hard power has its consequences and relying solely on it to advance their country was a mistake. All in all, soft or hard power is available to those that choose to use it but what is most important is how it is used – for bettering society for the benefit of all or for benefiting just a few.


  2. Lisa Riley

    Hu and Alexandra interview

    As an African American female living in the United States, I love this dialogue and cultural knowledge exchange. The reference to Blacks doing Kung fu. Why Asians copy African American Culture? Music, dance, art.

    The chinese cultural social tabu conversation “answering questions and giving responses, controlled responses” is very intriguing!

    Individual thinking versus group thinking and conformity. Wow!

    The chinese government is paying the bill for clothing of schools.

    African and China relationships.

    Countries that have not tried to steal resources from Africa question. Great!

    Confuscious religion concept.

    This interview was in 2015? Wow! Do this again?

    Who is Reddic?

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