Kiratiana: Storyteller, Journalist, Techie!

Kiratiana and I first crossed keyboards online a while back when a friend referred me to her website.  She is another world traveller with an affinity for flare, and I am a sucker for a good Hendiatris!  We had a great talk and she unpacked quite a bit about herself and her mission!

Press Play!

A few points we touch on:

  • Why she uses her power to help people in Brazil and not the USA?
  • Thought on Rachel Dolezal!
  • Whats a journalist? How do I become one? How did she?

As an Author:  

Links to some of the articles and things I mentioned:

Remember what I said about Manhood?  This is it:

My voice sounded odd in this podcast because my nose was stuffy!


YusefWateef (AT)


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  2. Melanie Peters

    Loved this podcast! Both of you are my kindred spirits. We have to meet when I come back to Brazil in August! I think writers love to travel because it inspires so much content and vision. Kiratiana is interested in topics that always strike me when I’m traveling internationally as well. I love to read the perspectives of black Americans living abroad. Great interview!


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