The Curious Case Of Rachel Dolezal!

I’ve been following Rachel Dolezeals story about as well as most of America, and I don’t think that enough attention has been paid to the most disturbing fact surrounding her.  She is committed to her lie in a way that very few of us will ever be committed to anything!

Lets dig into the heart of the issue and why I went from subtle amusement at her lies, to vitriolic anger!

Rachel, by her own actions chose to become a Black woman. She wasn’t born that way, but decided that it’s how she wanted to live. She even went so far as to earn the top position in the Spokane, Washington chapter of the NAACP (National Association for the Advancement of Colored People). A position that she has recently been shamed, and pressured into resigning.  

Black American culture has been and will continue to be co-opted by everyone with something to gain by it. That will not change until Black America becomes intolerant of it. The thing that sets Rachel apart isn’t her masquerading as Black. It’s been done before, and with a bit more objective truth. Read Black Like Me, it’s an excellent account of a journalists struggles when he passes himself off as a Black Man!

What makes Rachel special is that when caught and confronted, she rejected the reality of the world around her as well as any objective truth. She doubled down on her insistence that she can choose to be Black. She has been subject to several TV and media interviews and with each one she digs into her bunker deeper and deeper.

Sad but true, the reality is that Rachel, as of the time of this writing has not backed down one inch!

As someone who lives a life chosen and not the life given to me, I can relate.

She has inspired debate on an international level, and will profit handsomely from the book deal and movie rights that are almost certainly in the works.

I respect the hustle.

To commit to that path takes either an extraordinary amount of self-delusion and/or insanity. Unless it’s product the stark unsullied decision that living for a period of her life, however short, is (was?) better than living her entire life as she was born.

Is what she is saying a lie objectively? Yes.

Does she believe what she is saying? The answer to that may be yes as well. That’s what’s so interesting and disturbing about her issues. I believe that with her conviction she will undoubtedly pass any polygraph or lie detector test.

A cursory glimpse into her background shows that she legally identified as White when brought a lawsuit against Howard University in 2002 because she alleged that they discriminated against her on the basis of race. So, as recently as then she was not so out of touch. I think that her slide into the mindset she has now didn’t happen overnight. I think that perhaps over time she identified with her black siblings and the Black community so much that it was not a difficult step to go from wearing the stereotypical hair and clothing fashions of Black women, to allowing herself to be perceived as one, to believing that she was one.

America has always had a difficult time with dealing with the uncomfortable reality that Black comes in all sorts of miraculous shades, hues, and hair textures. That’s why I can easily understand why she was able to go unquestioned for so long. There was simply nothing that made her look like anything other than what she allowed you to believe that she (I don’t now if I should say “was”, “is”, or “Passed herself off as”). 

To be clear, I condemn Rachel Dolezal to the lowest, most vomit filled pool of filth imaginable.

Her hypocrisy knows no bounds. She even worked hard to successfully have Tim Wise blocked  from speaking at EWU because he was a White Man. She was most likely terrified that as someone with an honest, proven track record of being an ally to underrepresented people, Tim would have outed her!

I have closeted gay friends who have similar issues. They wont go to a single event for, or in any way associate with people who they know are gay, out, and proud. Knowing that over time they are more likely to be identified as such as well, because they have things in common. Still, better to be outed for what you are then to put yourself out there as something you are not.

I’m quite certain that I will have to write a follow up to this in the days to come, because every day there is a new revelation. To be fair, I know that there is far more to her story than a woman who simply woke up and decided to embark on a ruse that she knew, for certain, would one day be discovered and lead to her ruin.

I’m not here to debate whether or not being Trans-Racial is a thing, because what you or I think doesn’t matter.  It has been ratified in the court of public opinion, and now I have to deal with it.


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  2. the4cminimalist

    Well written my friend. If i were still writing about the woes of Corporate America with all its schisms and systemic flaws (Life in the Concrete Jungle), this would have been a definite reblog.


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