Cultural Excursion Day: Sao Paulo, II

Starting in on the second half of the year in Sao Paulo has been wonderful!  I’ve grown into my new circle here and been out to see lots of new things.  

I’ll leave links a to where they were taken underneath the collage.  Normally I caption the pictures with what museum they were taken in, this time I want you to figure out which images most likely came from which museum!

Before we jump into the meat of the pictures, there are a few semi-random shots here.  One is of a guy I call Guitar Mask. He doesn’t look for conversations or donations.  He just plugs in his axe and absolutely shreds through rock and roll for us to listen to. It’s people like him that give the city so much vibrancy!

You’ll also find three pictures taken inside my favourite bookstore.  It’s the Livaria Cultura.  A place where you can watch people like the man in the picture play chess, admire the big wooden dragon in the sky, or sit back and read a book off of the shelf.  People treat the books nicely so the staff will let anyone sit down and read without having to buy. This place is one of my favourite downtown way stations when I want to relax with coffee and a book.

The college kids with drums may look like a random bunch, but they are actually part of a Batteria! The university across from Ibirapuera Park has drummers that represent their specific major.  The best eventually play during Carnival! I watched them practice and it gave me a new appreciation how hard musicians work.

Ibirapuera Park (Parque Ibirapuera in Portuguese) is a living, breathing place with places inside of places! 

It’s where most of these pictures were taken because it’s so big it has several museums, pavilions, restaurants, concerts, and a constant stream of family friendly events.  I can go every weekend and not have the same experience twice.  It even has dedicated bicycle, rollerblading, and skateboarding lanes.

Check out the main website for info on what’s going on when you visit:

I’m a big fan of yelp, so add me as a friend there so I can explore whats going on in your city.  I did a 5-star review of the park here as well.

Inside the park, go explore:

The Afro-Brazilian Museum is a must see! 

The Bienal Pavilion:

Oca do Ibirapuera, That roughly translates into “The Art Palace”:

Pavilhão Japonês is the Japanese Pavilion:

The Viveiro Manequinho Lopes is the parks equivalent of a chill out room, a place where I can take a slow, relaxing walk through the flora and foliage.

The Museum Of Modern Art:

The Museum Of Contemporary Art:

Aren’t “Modern” and “Contemporary” the same thing?!

Honorable Mention:

The fledgling Breakdance Crew that were out honing their craft!

PictureEither way, this is my second Cultural Excursion Day in Sao Paulo, Brazil.  Check out the first one HERE.


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  2. Anonymous

    This is a really informative post. I usually think of the North more in terms of interesting and engaging Afro-Brazilian culture but it’s good to see there are some great spots in Sao Paulo as well. I will share!


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