How To Write.

I have helped quite a few friends get started writing; I show them the easy part first. That’s how to set up WordPress or how to Podcast. It takes an hour to learn, maybe a few more minutes if I didn’t explain well. 

The hard part comes later, after the first few posts/articles/podcasts are published. We all have 4-5 great stories in our heads. After that, we have to dig. The writing process is easier now than it ever has been in the past.

  • Link it to your Computer, Microsoft Word, DropBox, and/or Google Drive.
  • Open the app as if you were going to type out what you are writing about with your thumbs.
  • Don’t type anything. <- IMPORTANT!
  • Open the Voice Recognition on your phone. It’s nearly identical for Android and iPhone. You may have to read a few test sentences so that it will always recognize your voice.
  • Talk; do not stop for punctuation or grammar. Talk out the article that you want to write. (This is 95% of the writing.)
  • Ramble, use too many words. <- IMPORTANT! 
  • Save it and let it upload to your Microsoft Word, DropBox, or Google Drive.
  • When you open it, read it to yourself, add periods, commas, and any extra words or paragraphs you need so that it makes sense. (This part is the last 5% of the writing.) You should also add at least one semi-relevant picture that is of you, or that you took to each post.  People like pictures.  Pictures help readers to remember what you wrote and makes it easy to find later.
  • Email the article to a friend with clear instructions to only point out flaws, errors, or places where it seemed confusing.  They are there to help you polish it before you publish it.
  • Write and publish something once a week!

    This screen capture is an example of the "Semi-relevant picture" I mentioned.

    This screen capture is an example of the “Semi-relevant picture” I mentioned.

Some readers think that I spend hours in front of a keyboard banging out word after word, when in fact I can’t even type.

Writing by voice means that I can write anywhere. I do my best work in the back of a taxi, or on the train. I don’t worry about quantity or quality. I just create. The rest will sort itself out after Editing.

I’m sharing this with you because I really, really enjoy good writing by people with interesting things to say. I hope this breaks down one more barrier between me, you, and the interesting stories and opinions that you have to share.

~Watt, YusefWateef (AT) 


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I am cut/pasting this directly from my God Mode: Profile Writing, How To Not Sound Stupid article because it’s equally relevant here after you have spoken and edited your writing:

“The first, and arguably most important part of presenting yourself online is spelling words correctly and avoiding poor punctuation.  The fun part is that you don’t have to actually know how to string words together in order to look like a clever wordsmith!  I use a two-step process.

I write everything in Microsoft word because it catches all the simple mistakes and grammatical errors.  It also has a little-used feature called The Flesch-Kincaid readability test.  You can see what grade level your writing is at after you are done with spell check.”

“The second step is cutting and pasting it into a free online service that allows me to test my writing against the level I am shooting for.  I use because it allows me to “Select the education level of this paper’s author” and “Select the type of paper you are submitting”.  I can actually force myself to write at a higher level when needed.  I don’t release anything unless it scores a “B” or higher.

Remember, there is no substitute for having your writing edited and proofread by someone else!  There are no online tools or downloadable programs that will magically make you better.  Its all practice, revision, and having someone independently correct your mistakes.

On a technical note, try to avoid paragraphs longer than seven lines.  That’s when attention spans run dry and eyes wander.  Make the things you write easy on the eyes, and easily digestible.  I break this rule a lot.”



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  2. TheGrandAdmiral

    Interesting tips. It’s going to be hard to use this method in China (Android’s speech-to-text requires Internet access to Google’s servers), but this seems like a great method to hammer out articles. I might employ this technique if I ever need to quickly jot something down.


    • YusefWateef

      You may be able to “sideload” it. When I lived in China I used a VPN service called Private Internet Access. It worked on my computer and cell phone, 100% of the time. If you can’t get it to work, email me and I will help you get it done.


    • YusefWateef

      Start out by writing as much as you can, better to have too much information and need it edited down than to have too little and not have an interesting story to tell.

      Here are some questions that you (or anyone else writing about a trek/trip/journey) can use to start your writing.

      • Where did you go?

      • Is there another name for the place you went?

      • How did it get its name and/or nickname?

      • Why did you go there?

      • How did you get there?

      • Who did you go with?

      • Why did you choose them to go with you?

      • Why did you exclude certain other friends?

      • How did you prepare?

      • What were your first impressions?

      • Did the place meet your expectations? Why?

      • What made the journey easier or harder than you thought it would be?

      • What happened on the journey?

      • What was the return trip home like?

      • What did you talk to your friend(s) about on the trip home?

      • Three reasons you would go back, what you would do differently, and why.

      • Three reasons why you would not go back, and why.

      Let me know if you need me to edit your work for you before you post it. I’m glad to help if I can.


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