Cultural Excursion Day: Sao Paulo Scramble!

     My phone nearly exploded with all the pictures I have stored from the events, people, and places I took pictures of here in Sao Paulo!


     The Museum of Transportation in Sao Paulo is not on the main strip.  It’s in a small pocket dimension near Armenia Metro station and unless you pass it you would never even know it was there.  Still, I have a nose for these places!

     I am pretty sure I woke up the security guards.  They looked like they hadn’t seen a visitor since they got the job. Being security at a place where no one can actually steal anything because cars, busses, and trains still come with duties and responsibilities.

     Because of men like me!

     When I signed in, they laid down the rules!  In a combination of sign language and mono-syllabic words the guard told me:

  •      No food or drinks inside, so finish your bottle of water here.
  •      No backpacks inside so you can check it in here.  He even gave me a baggage claim ticket to make sure that my backpack wouldn’t be confused with the ONE OTHER backpack they had checked in.
  •      Do not for any reason touch anything, at all ever.  Touching includes getting inside of, hanging on to, or in any way coming into contact with anything.  He made it a point to repeat that, twice, because clearly I have the look of a scoundrel and a rogue.

     In any case, I made it a point to stay hands-free and still enjoy the place.  The museum curator keeps very, very good care of the exhibits!

     The bonus was that there were two sections of the museum that I hadn’t planned on.  This one is dedicated to the office equipment and decor of years gone by.


     Here in Brazil, “Black Awareness Day” (Dia da Consciência Negra) is held on November 20th.  A day that is significant because it was when the iconic Brazilian rebel and freedom fighter Zumbi was beheaded for successfully escaping slavery and helping other Blacks to form their own communities.

     The Latin America Memorial is an official Public Space For Culture, its where the events are held.  I want to go back to explore it on the inside, because this trip was all about what was going on outside.

     The festivals were exhibitions of Art, Music, Beautiful Women, Capoeira, and lots more.  If you plan a trip to Brazil and have to choose between Carnival and Dia da Consciência Negra, skip Carnival and come see what the real Brazil is like at this festival.

     It’s not only to hold cultural events that spotlight Brazils Black heritage and possibly bring its virulent racism towards Brazilian-Born Blacks to the forefront, it brings together people of all ages, races, and colors for fun and discovery!

Hat Tip:

     The woman smiling in front of the dolls is Marisa Moura of Insparacao Negra, (roughly translated into inspiration forBlack Women or Inspirational Black Women) She is one of three women who make beautiful, hand-crafted dolls.  

     When I saw them I immediately thought of a few business people in the USA that could sell the works of contemporary fine art for quite a bit!  Unfortunately, they preferred to keep the doll making a relaxing past time.

     You can see her in another picture teaching a young woman how to tie her headscarves in a classic fashion that started in Africa and was one of the cultural touchstones that Black people have made part of their modern lives.

     Here are two more women that I spoke to that had genuinely innovative and beautiful things for women.  These are businesses I intend to support and spread the word on!  

Aso Oge Arte em Tecido Focuses on high-concept earrings! 

BoutiqueDeKrioula has lots of trinkets, but focused on women’s scarves and head wraps.  Beautiful products!

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This bunch is just a mad scramble!

  •      Let’s start with the Pole Dancing!  Owl and her friends are a part of the Dança e Atitude Dance Studio.  They had an exhibition and I was very, very impressed!
  •      I accidentally stumbled into a Vegan Snacks, Arts and Crafts fair.  I took this picture just before my skull began to burst into flames.  I tried culinary diversity, apparently it’s not good for me.  #MeatEater
  •     Me, writing my name on a banner that was laid out for those of us who contributed to disaster relief in Brazil.  The held an outdoor party and it felt good to give something back to a country that has given so much to me.
  •      I don’t usually shoot paintball, but when I do, I make sure it’s in a place like Lima X-Treme Paintball!  A pit that was more than likely a junkyard that decided to leave the cars and pour in the mud, we had a great time!  Most of us had deep bruising that lasted for days.  Apparently the rules about how far away you need to be to safely shoot someone are there for a reason, not that anyone in my crew of meatheads followed them.
  •      My friends and I standing in front of the losers wall at The Puzzle Room.  It’s a place where you and a few friends have an hour to solve a mystery using only your wits and the clues around you.  Clearly we did not.  However, I plan on going back again soon to explore the other rooms!   The only person who came out a winner was Owl, she made the Wall of Fame by setting a record solving a one-person brain puzzle in record time. 47 seconds flat!


JediCon Sao Paulo!  #Nergasm


     The Casa Das Rosas is a colonial mansion that has been converted into a museum that holds everything from Poetry Readings to deep, thought-provoking exhibitions like this Um Corpo Estranho (A Foreign/Strange Body) Franz Kafka exhibit.

Brazil For The Win!


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