Stamp Tricking!

I shared one of the ways that I make myself valuable to people with someone who came to me for advice on how to build his reputation.  For the price of one stamp, to deliver a simple letter, I’ve been able to consistently make myself of one of the people that you want to have around, be a friend to, and do business with.

This was passed down to me by one of my mentors, now it’s something that I pass down to the men that I mentor.

I didn’t invent this I just refined it until I became very, very good at it!

I’ve had great success with this, you can too.  Just remember that you can NOT do this through email. It must be an old fashioned letter. I have always sent mine on my company letterhead. You should only do that if it’s appropriate. 

The really big wins come when people research who I am and invite me to their company before or after business hours to discuss what I may be able to do for them professionally.  I suspect that there have been several invitations from people who just wanted to hear a friendly voice because they have thankless jobs.

Here are two tested and proven examples of how a simple stamp can buy a lot of goodwill, build your reputation, and possibly benefit you professionally. Feel free to copy exactly what I wrote here until you feel comfortable adjusting the format and wording to suit your needs and situations. 

Yusef Wateef

My Address

Phone Number

E-mail address


Google the following information if you don’t already have it, if you are contacting a business, you should find it without much problem.

Title, or Mr/Ms.

Professional Mailing Address 

Professional Email Address

Professional Phone Number

Good morning Title, or Mr/Ms.!,

     I’m writing because I was there, at your (Restaurant/Business/Office) on (DATE) and was able to work with (Name of Businessperson/Waiter/Manager/Banker/…) and I need to reach out and tell someone in a position of authority about my experience.

     I had an amazing experience!

     (Name of Businessperson/Waiter/Manager/Banker/…) was courteous, professional, and above all else someone that makes me want to not only come back again but someone who I will actively refer my clients and friends to.  

     I hope this letter helps to advance (his/her) career and serves as an example of how you and your colleagues can make working with you all a treat!

(Hand Written Signature)


Yusef Wateef

The P.E.E.R. Circle (Use your own name and title!),

CC: (Name of Businessperson/Waiter/Manager/Banker/…)

The P.E.E.R. Circle Logo.



Side Note: I always send two letters, one addressed to management, and a copy addressed to the person on staff that I am writing about.  If you really want to go overkill, you can send one to the company president. That way they will have a letter of endorsement/recommendation that they can take with them to their next job interview.

I’ve received several letters back because people are always glad to hear from someone that makes them smile and that isn’t asking for anything in return.  I have received everything from genuine thank you cards, to pictures with the staff when I go back to do business with them again.  

To be clear, letters like these have helped me make friends all over the world.  There are very, very few people who will take the time needed out of their day to drop a letter in the mail if there is no guaranteed return.  That’s why those of us who do are rewarded so richly! 

I have sent this letter to restaurants the day after a great meal, I have sent it to people that work with me on adjusting to countries that I have lived even when they don’t speak English, and I even sent a variant to Hawai’i, for my hustle.  

When people respond, it always comes with an invitation to return, some sort of private benefit for their best customers, or an invitation to find some way to work with them professionally.  Based solely and completely on my going above and beyond a simple Thank You! 

Let me know if you need help building your letter,


YusefWateef (AT)


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