Sodomize Americas System With A Trump Clinton Mirror!

A bellyful of cold diarrhea after a night of cold fish tacos served out the back door of a Las Vegas whorehouse is more appetizing than either 2016 presidential candidate.

The office of the Presidency of the United States of America has always been, and will most likely continue to be, a reflection of what this great nation wants its leader to be in 2016.

     A preface:

Consider that in 2008, the United States was reeling from the presidency of George W. Bush.  A man with both a feigned southern drawl and “down home” naiveté, that had set the USA on a course with disaster.  At the end of his Presidency, the pendulum had swung in favor of a man that spoke with academic diction and legitimately stunning academic accolades.

Enter Barack Hussein Obama, a president that I actively helped to win his election by advocating for him as a delegate.

In the years that followed, as far as presidents go, President Obama was better than average and he came in as the embodiment of what “Representation Matters” means, underserved and ignored people need role models.  He wasn’t a better president because he is Black, he simply proved that any American of any stripe should be able to manipulate the broken American system with equal opportunity. I’m OK with that.

     The pendulum will never rest.

The 2016 presidential election is upon us. America has whittled away all of the lesser contenders.  Between Hillary R. Clinton and Donald J. Trump, we are left to choose between the lesser of the two great evils that are the distilled, refined products of all of the worst qualities that our government and private sector businesses have to offer.

If I am to choose the lesser of two evils, I will choose the evil that brings about the most change and chaos, even if that is the greater of the two evils.

     Why not Hillary?

Hillary Clinton, if elected, will maintain the status-quo. As a product and beneficiary of the American political machine, she was bred to maintain it at all cost.  Her entire career has been a cacophony of pernicious foreplay that, if left unchecked, will consummate in her coronation election as president of the United States of America. She will be a four to eight-year tourniquet that will staunch the bleeding of lives well enough for the USA to shamble along, but not nearly well enough to fully heal.

That’s why I am voting for Trump, the cauterizer!

     Why trump?

Unless I am given new information on either candidate, I am voting Trump. Donald Trump has openly and consistently demonstrated that his racism, lack of decency, and abject amorality will be used to eviscerate anyone who opposes him, in any political organization.  He even makes enemies in his own Republican party. Holding them hostage to, and with, a set of circumstances they brought into existence by encouraging hateful discourse against President Obama.  He bypassed the Republican party elite and used a grassroots campaign similar to the one that President Barack Hussein Obama used.  He connected directly to “the people”, so to speak.

Sodomize Americas System With A Trump Clinton Mirror!

Sodomize Americas System With A Trump Clinton Mirror!

Donald Trump is the fetid reflection of America that will step through the looking glass to sodomize Lady Liberty with sadistic glee, and reckless abandon.

I want to watch it happen, in high definition, full color, surround sound.

While I am not sure Trump is quite the fool he plays to be, I am nearly certain that he does not have the political acumen and wherewithal to be a competent President.

I believe that he will bring America to a tipping point and force us to make clear and stark decisions about our outdated two-party system, third-party candidates, and the electoral system.

       In order for the mold that was used to produce our current crop of leaders to be shattered completely, it will take a great calamity and catastrophic, systematic risk.

Donald Trump is that fiasco.

He is easily one of the most ruthless, selfish, unpredictable potential Presidents our country has ever produced. If allowed to helm the ship of America, he will most certainly crash it into the rocks.

I want to hasten this process and bring about the ensuing chaos so that I can be a part of the semi-strategic reshuffling of the proverbial deck.

     Why invite disaster?

The United States is coming towards the end of a very short arc.  Fortunately, that arc has found a way to bend towards justice!  We have people of all colors and religions becoming allies and choosing to take not a single step backwards in an effort to take their well-deserved slice of the American pie, we have mounting evidence exposing the systematic corruption and abuse rampant in Law Enforcement, and we have a Trump vs. Clinton war that has exposed the weaknesses that need to be repaired in our election system.


“I do not pretend to understand the moral universe; the arc is a long one, my eye reaches but little ways; I cannot calculate the curve and complete the figure by the experience of sight; I can divine it by conscience. And from what I see I am sure it bends towards justice.”

-Theodore Parker (August 24, 1810 – May 10, 1860)


Hillary Clinton will slow down the process and return us to a low, complacent hum.

Donald Trump will accelerate the process of forcing America to re-set itself with a greater sense of growth and honesty after a screaming symphony of blood, metal, and political missteps that his presidency will bring about.

I want to hasten this inevitable process on as close to my own terms as will most likely ever be possible in my life.  

Consider these: 

The rate at which Native/First People are still trying to avoid becoming totally extinct as a result of a generations-long genocide campaign brought against them; people still being

Black and Brown people still being murdered indiscriminately;

A rainbow of poor people and innocent children being poisoned.

Things may not get better before they get worse for many Americans.  By helping to usher in Donald Trump, the pain may become greater for all Americans equally, not just the marginalized ones. We may, as a nation, all be on the same side for once!

The only thing better than never letting a crisis go to waste is being able to usher in the inexorable crisis on my own terms!

With Malice Aforethought,


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  1. GrassMudHorse

    I think I have similar logic, but not quite the same. I think after Trump, if he doesn’t win, the Republicans will do what the Dems have done, create Super Delegates or some system to rig it even more, so that they can “Bernie” anyone that tries this again.

    If Trump wins, it will be the biggest political upset in the history of the United States, and the immediate affect, besides the Republican Party shifting from the party of Reagan to the Party of Trump, will be a complete and total decimation of the Democratic Establishment. Clintonism will be dead and buried. You know ‘Clintontism” = take minority votes for granted, ignore them, sell them out, to get crumbs for “moderate whites” that won’t be scared of losing their privilege, while the Clintons get financially wealthy and continue to do morally questionable (although not illegal) things.

    Nope, this will be seen as an election that Hillary SHOULD HAVE won, and I think next time a Bernie style candidate will run and win, because after 4 years of Trump, (if he makes it that long without impeachment) he will cause such chaos, the Republican Party (on top of their bases demographic decline) will also be gutted or they will not win another national election or gain control of the senate again for years.

    So in this way, I think we are not far apart in our opinions, and I also agree voting for Trump is preferable than voting for Clinton, the problem that most minorities (especially blacks) are so scared of “the racist white man” they are falling right into Hillary’s trap. Her campaign is not about her and what she will do, because she knows she will lose that. It is about “How terrible Trump is”…


  2. Brandon Chenier

    Damn, that was dope. I certainly appreciate the perspective. It makes perfect sense. The destructive path will hurt in the short term. Many will suffer, but in the long run, revolution will get us where we need to be. I think that is part of the solution. From an African American perspective, I don’t think our community specifically will be on track until we reach a consensus as a people regarding what we want and need. There is excessive individualism amongst us and until we learn to heal ourselves from our past, a favorable economic or political enrollment won’t matter.


    • YusefWateef

      You raise a valid point, however, I think we already do have a consensus. I see our consensus is to simply be afforded all the basic opportunities that the majority of Americans already have. Certainly, lots of us will fall short of capitalizing on those opportunities. The good news is that some of us will. I don’t want any undue advantages, I just want a level playing field. Perhaps a Scorched Earth approach will level the playing field since legislations and protests have not.


  3. Jasson Walker Jr

    OK, so I follow the line of thinking but sorry homie, I ain’t jumping on that bandwagon. First of all, I don’t think a Trump presidency would blow up the world. So obviously, he is completely ignorant about foreign affairs, macro economics, the legislative process, and everything else that one should know about for the job. But because of this, his advisors will likely shape his policy agenda, not him. And when the crazy really comes unleashed, a Democratic Senate (and for that matter a Republican House whose leadership despises him), will check his ass. Presidents don’t affect the economy as much as people think they do, so I think the damage he can cause will be largely contained. Don’t get me wrong, I think Trump would be a reckless embarrassment of a President, but it will be mostly because of his boorish style and narcissism, not because he wrecked the world economy.

    Secondarily (and more importantly), I don’t want to see disaster. I guess I’m not a revolutionary like you are. Let’s say Trump is elected, and it has disastrous results. You really think that will change how black people are treated? I once heard that it’s going to take 10 generations after the end of slavery for us get it out of our collective system. We’re on generation 4 (or so) right now. We still have a long way to go…


    • YusefWateef

      Thanks for such a well thought out counter-argument Jasson. It’s Trumps boorish style and narcissism that would be the forward-facing image of America. Both domestically and abroad. Our systems of Checks and Balances will stop him from becoming a full-blown dictator, however, the President has the Bully Pulpit and the ear of the world. He can still do an unprecedented amount of damage!

      On a side note. I appreciate the flattery but I don’t quite think I have earned the title of “Revolutionary”…yet.


  4. Jess

    So….a few notes 1) I’ve read someone else give that argument. I understand it, but it’s scary. Because think of how ugly things will have to get, how many losses and casualties we will have by going in that direction. You should prepare for the backlash because some may be irritated to hear this argument from someone who won’t even be present in the states to face the collateral damage that would come from going that route.

    2) You’re kind of talking about taking a risk with consequences you, for the most part will get to duck out of by living abroad. That might be how it comes off.

    3) Seems quite arrogant for you to say what you think NEEDS to happen, and then you have the luxury to opt out of the consequences. Like politicians who vote for wars they send other people’s children into but never their own.

    4) Have you heard the arguments that Trump was put in place so that the election could fall into Hillary’s lap? There is a lot of evidence to support that.

    5) There are lots of clips of trump saying the very opposite of what he’s saying now. He was also a friend of the Clinton’s and supported Bill’s campaigns. It’s funny because some of the footage of him saying the very opposite of what he is now is being used in Hillary’s campaign commercials. I read a few articles presenting that argument.


    • YusefWateef

      I appreciate the points you made Jess. Because most of the people that I love are still in the USA and the USA is where the privilege of being able to travel the world (relatively) unscathed comes from, I am not at all out of bounds in suggestiong a radical solution. I want to see the system repaired no matter where I am.

      I do concede that I have the option of how much I want to be part of what happens in the USA, but I would never choose to disassociate myself from what happens there.

      I really, really need to see more evidence of this conspiracy that would risk Trump accidentally winning outright and leaving Clinton out in the cold…again. Remember, she was slated to become president when President Obama didn’t get support for a second term. That plan died a crib death when America voted for him in huge numbers for a second term as president. Hillary Clinton can’t risk taking any chances by colluding with anyone, this is her last chance to take the title.


      • Jess

        I’m sure you do care what happens here and I know you have people here you care about. But I always find it troublesome when people make claims about what should and shouldn’t happen in any environment where they are not forced to live and deal with the consequences themselves. It’s like wealthy people who argue over what should happen in poor neighborhoods they don’t have to live in or men who argue over what should happen with women’s bodies. Sure you may care to an extent…but the consequences of whatever decision is made will not effect your daily life as much. It can easily come off as a condescending no matter how well intentioned you are.


      • Jess

        And that other conspiracy, I’ve just seen discussed. I don’t know if I believe it. Just wondering if you’d heard it.


  5. Todd

    I understand your logic. A Trump presidency could upset the system enough to change American politic status quo. It is tempting to vote Trump and watch US hit rock bottom leading to a big swing to the Left next election. But rock bottom could be very bad for the average American. Economically, freedoms, racism and damaged foreign relations. Hillary, as much as I don’t like her, is status quo, a self serving politician. However, Despite being a “war hawk”, she is unlikely to start a war just to make a statement or because she got her feelings hurt. It is hard to say what Trump will do as President. We know what to expect from Hillary, maintaining the status quo and being a puppet for companies and special interests. We don’t know what to expect from Trump. We don’t know how much is of his talk is hype versus what he really thinks, much less, what he will do as President. I think he is dangerous. Too dangerous to lead America. Not just his direct power over the military, but having a President who is a cheerleader for bigotry and racism. I myself can’t vote for him and have a direct hand in what “could” be a disaster for America. The direct and indirect deaths that will take place due to his being in power. The other big issue is that he will place up to two supreme court justices and this will have long lasting effects beyond his term in office. Hillary will at least place more liberal judges. Who is placed on the supreme court could have more impact on the US than what either of them will do while in office. For me, I will either have to vote Hillary to keep the broken status quo and Trump out of power. Or… vote for Jill Stein and let others decide who will take power. Either way, American politics will be broken for the next 4 plus years at least. Hillary and Trump are heavily despised by a large minority of the population, which will lead to an even more polarized country. Bernie is out, Stein can’t win. So yeah, maybe American deserves Trump and all the chaos that follows. Just maybe it will shake America enough to bring about the change needed. It is a dangerous gamble though. I myself, can’t take part in putting a person like Trump into power. I do understand were you are coming from though.


    • YusefWateef

      Well Todd, you may have stumped me with “The other big issue is that he will place up to two supreme court justices and this will have long lasting effects beyond his term in office.” I really need to digest this. You are correct, but I am searching for a counter-point. Supreme Court Judges are the gifts that keeps on giving. I can only imagine the unspeakable horrors he would try to force down our throats.


      • p. ray

        I will. But you know the feeling of when you write out your opus and the shit crashes. I may feel up to going back to this blog post after the first debate though – and see if my opinion has changed. It varies from day to day. I see your point and then I am like “will there be an America left if we go for broke with Trump?”

        he is the absolute gamble of a life time – and he’s working it like a true salesman.


  6. Dharma

    That’s some high stakes poker you’re proposing there my friend! I see your point and I agree with the thought process, but I’m not confident enough in what the other side of the crises may look like and the affects it’ll cause. It’s a shit sandwich either way!!!


    • YusefWateef

      In good keeping with the gambling metaphors, you’ve said the most succinctly with High Stakes Poker! Unfortunately, win or lose, all Americans end up eating shit sandwiches for four years. If all goes according to my plan when we ‘re done, we burn down the kitchen, the house, and every single ingredient so that we can make a good attempt at starting over again fresh. Hopefully, the cycle won’t be this bad again in my lifetime.


  7. Anonymous

    I agree with your sentiment, but for a different reason. Yeah, i would like to find a way to accelerate all the b.s. that is happening/ about to happen. There is a great time of trouble ahead, and i’ve always stated that i wish i could press the ffwd button.
    Yes, things must get worse before they can get better, just as an old forest needs to be burnt down and cleared away for new growth. However, being a student of prophecy, i tend to view events through an eschatological lens. I have no faith in earthly powers to ever bring lasting justice and peace on this Earth.
    America, and nations the world over, are being ‘sodomized’, or becoming like Sodom & Gomorrah, w/ the LGBT movement and ‘same-sex marriage’, the most blatant/ironic oxymoron i’ve ever heard. And the antichrist & Luciferians are determined to control the masses, via climate change agreements and ‘sustainability’ measures and acting as a savior to all of the world’s problems that they’ve created / will create (disease and pestilences, natural disasters, poverty exacerbated by wealth redistribution, war, proxy wars & world wars followed by ‘peace’ agreements (thru ‘peace’ they shall destroy many), etc).
    They (the antichrist & NWO) will turn nations into police & welfare states. Every president and governor and mayor will must fall in line with and enforce the same international agenda. The next US president has already been chosen, and it doesn’t matter if it’s Clinton or Trump. Either WILL do the job of their masters, expediently. That’s what Obama did. I didn’t vote for him in ’08 nor ’12. I don’t vote at all. I’m not swayed by the political theatre.
    So, that’s my take on it, although i elaborated a bit. We at least agree on one thing – we both want this crisis to hurry up so life can start anew.


    • YusefWateef

      I appreciate that you took the time to share your thoughts. We are definitely on the same page, looking to hasten the “reboot” of America. Though from what I have read, we arrived there quite differently.

      You look at things through an eschatological lens, that is to say via “a branch of theology concerned with the final events in the history of the world or of humankind”. Its also defined as “a belief concerning death, the end of the world, or the ultimate destiny of humankind”. I don’t. I see it as a new beginning, like quickly ripping a bandage after the wound has healed.

      I have complete faith in Mankind to come solutions for the problems we have created for ourselves. Chiefly because; we as a humanity, have an irregular but clear record of solving our problems. Divinity has not as of today, ever been credited with definitively solving any. This is not an attack on your belief system. I simply stand by my atheism as a path towards personal accountability that leads me to not looking towards any divine intervention to solve any problem.

      Where we part ways is concerning the LGBTQ (and add whatever other abbreviation that is current right now) part of what you wrote. I can stand by you as a friend, but I can not stand behind your belief in, or the implication that there is some inherent evil in people on that path. I have as little belief in inherent evil based on who you were born as, as I do gods, devils, angels, or demons. People are evil all by themselves.

      I say all this as someone who was, and is a supporter of President Obama. I worked on his first campaign and I am glad that he was elected twice. Because if nothing else, representation matters!

      I won’t disagree that the world is headed towards a strict dependency on government, and that is always a bad thing. I support individual freedoms, especially the freedom to set fire to my own political establishment so that I can watch it burn and see us all reborn in the ashes!



  8. DaBotz

    Premise – I am not a resident or a citizen of the U.S.A. I am Italian.

    For some years , my USA friend have been mistified of how the country that produced me could keep in power Berlusconi for nearly twenty years. “In the USA, he would be a nobody”, they claimed me.

    In a way, this election is vindicating those years of bragging that were inflicted on me.

    Berlusconi is a common law criminal, by any objective way you look at him, with triple-binds to the Sicilian Mafia – that came out in many a trial – and a penchant for under-age callgirls with rock-firm asses.
    He also has a history of invitation to fiscal rebellion and of massive tax elusion, that led him to modfify laws to get his add out of jails, by invalidating trials righ before they come to an unfavorable solution.

    – you may take notes, because I dare to say that you may come to see much of the same, in Trump’s Presidential term.

    He, too, was saluted by his former friend Indro Montanelli – a “historical right wing” journalist that created, with mr. Berlusconi, a newspaper called “Il Giornale”; Montanelli left the newspaper, and became an outspoken critic of Mr.B, the very moment that this started his politic career – as a “Symptom of a democratic malaise” and an “Inoculation that the contry needs to take, in order to get better”.

    He wrote that, when Berlusconi created his very own political movement.

    Then , mr. B. held power almost continuously for twenty years, in which changed laws to avoid virdicts, steered money to reward political allies an even starlettes in the beds of key figures of adversarial parties – so tyhat they


  9. retreatswithrenee

    It was great to hear your take on this and understand why you are voting for Trump. I actually agree with everything you said. We would head for disaster. But I will vote for Hilary as I am not wanting to see this disaster. To keep things short, since I read and agree with what Jasson wrote I’m just gonna say he took the words right out of my mouth.


  10. DonnaTruly

    Do you still feel this way, a month later? Even with his latest scandal, he still has supporters in droves. Trump is exposing the ugly side of America that many like to pretend does not exist. Who is to say that his election would lead to an implosion? If it doesn’t, what then? Also, as someone astutely noted above, he’d still be able to choose at least one SC Justice. That’s one too many. I think Trump wants the title and glamour of the presidency, but I don’t think he wants to do any of the work. All he and/or the GOP needs to do is surround him with moderately competent advisors, and you might end up with a scenario that is *just* livable enough to let him coast for 8 years. I get the underlying logic of your projection, but this election season has taught me that the whole thing is unpredictable.


  11. Lotus Brainchild

    Morning folks. This is my PSA:::

    I thoroughly enjoyed the POV…however.

    If you feel that we have allowed a rapist, child molester into office….you’re wrong. We allowed the idiots that we have been living with for centuries pick their next puppet for war. I honestly thought they’d give it to Hillary, however Donald must have more power than her. They were both horrible candidates. We have not gotten anywhere believing in this bullshit system all this time….why would we now? What ya’ll need to do is learn how to protect yourself and gear up for this colossal failure that is the United States of America.
    Stop blaming ppl that didn’t want to vote for this shitty system of regret. It’s been 5 centuries and ya’ll still wanna settle with what’s best for now. Good luck citizens. May your God answer all your prayers for protection. I’ll be hoping the same for me and mine…..


  12. Hu John

    I wish most of us would spend less time watching what others are “saying” and start “doing”. Here in Shanghai, we have started a movement called the Black Xperience. Out of this we have created a black version of Tedex, a black documentary about why blacks choose to live in China, and most importantly the creation of Shanghai’s Black Chamber of Commerce Must we not forget that the issues we face does not stop at the white house. Electing local officials including senate, house of rep and mayors will have a quicker and lasting impact on the black lives in the US. State laws can help or hinder the president’s agenda. Show me your local vote and i’ll tell you what kind of values you stand for. Voting is exercing our rights for other people to make decisions for us. How about exercising our rights to make decisions for ourselves? Hmm?


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