When Revolution Calls, How Will You Answer?

Revolution is not the willingness to kill or die, it’s the willingness to win at all costs. Part of the cost is the willingness to learn tactics that are not fun, sexy, or cool in an effort to be valuable when your civil protests lead to a state and government crackdown.

You ready?

Killer Mike is ready too.

Killer Mike…

The name conjures up images of a madman with bloodshot eyes, babbling incoherently, but when you discover who he his, you get several far more complex answers.

Today, we’ll just focus on the most difficult!

Let’s get a few early, more easily digestible answers out of the way first:

Yea, Killer mike is an astoundingly talented rapper and wordsmith.  Best known as one-half of the wildly successful duo, Run The Jewels  / @KillerMike.

We aren’t here to talk about that.

Yes, Killer Mike is a political pundit and staunch advocate for Bernie Sanders.  He was responsible for bringing his message to a wider group of voters and demonstrated the relevance of Bernie Sanders to a host of diverse communities, previous to the Dry Fisting that the Sanders campaign received at the miscalculating hands of Hillary Clinton in collusion with the Democratic National Party.

We aren’t here to talk about that either.

For context, I want you to go in knowing that he is a staunch defender of the Second Amendment, Prepper, and despite his girth, he is well versed in Self-Defense and Close Quarter Combat.

That’s why when he chose to address the recent spate of Black, Brown, Gay, and other underrepresented talking about becoming pseudo-militarized and engaging in some sort of revolution, or armed resistance against the agents of governmental law enforcement and the fetishistic  ritualistic murder of anyone who does not subscribe to the Comply Or Die ethos the police are promoting, I was with him 100%!

Take five minutes and watch this, then let’s dig in together. Turn on the captions if he speaks to fast.

0:18 – How many of you can fish, or hunt, or shoot a weapon more than once a week?

0:35 – Who farms or grows their own food right now?

“You ain’t ready to oppose nothin’!”

Mike goes on to explain that with each question fewer and fewer people raised their hand.  He charges the nearly all Black crowd with being as much a part of any White Gentrification that Blacks claim are destroying the neighborhoods!

He hits his stride when he forces us to remember that there was a time when 2/5 of all families had a garden!  How many of us even have a spice plant in our kitchen?

I don’t.

With love, he reminds us that Black people are “not ready to revolt shit!”

In my travels around the world, I have been places I will never discuss and seen things I will never write bout.  I can safely say to you that we as Americans have the privilege of not ever having experienced what it’s like to be forced to revolt against a power as dominating as the US government and its agencies.

The Revolutionary that was fought against a Britain that was not nearly as powerful on a relative scale as the US government is now.

Kille Mike does.  He knows, as I do, that revolutionaries aren’t just shot or captured.  He asks about our (and I use that term very lightly) ability to be self-sustaining if the government decides to turn off the water and food supply to an area there people harboring sentiments that the government does not agree with.

It happens all over the world.

1:34 – I’ve been hearing this revolutionary talk all my life! Just like the United States Military I have seen these words send Black boys out into the streets to die during a conflict with the police!

Even if we do survive the conflict, we are met with a whole host of other legal and social problems that hamper our freedom and development.


Because direct conflict, when you are untrained, under-armed, and lacking in cohesion means you have no win condition at all!

2:05 – How man of you train in a Martial Art (or any disciplined system of direct, unarmed combat)?

He knew the answer before he even asked.  Frighteningly few. He goes on to tell us what we already know in out hearts.

We are not ready to fight…

The police are trained to kill, 100% of the time the first response of law enforcement is focused and lethal.  We are not trained to confront that. Period.

2:30 – I’m not saying give up!

He wasn’t there to admonish anyone for not being as brutal as the Police.  What he is saying is that if we are not physically training, and preparing to be as self-sustaining as possible, then we are in no position to oppose anything.  It’s a far-flung goal at best.

3:29 – Don’t you sent these babies off to die!

Too many so-called “leaders” in the Black community (community!?) are eager to encourage militancy in the youth because they failed to be militant in the 60’s and 70’s when they were young.

It didn’t work then and it won’t work now!

3:35 – I want to see more Black attorneys, law enforcement, politically viable political candidates funded with Black dollars!

This is beautiful in simplicity.  I can’t make it any more digestible.

3:50 – Look at Liberia and Haiti!

When Blacks revolt and/or form their own nations ALL of Europe and the United States punishes them for it, regularly and reliably.  If you aren’t aware of this and ready for it, then separatism and armed revolution is not the best option for you!

Even a cursory reading of Liberia and Haiti will show you that they are not and were not poor countries, they are Black countries that were not under any circumstances allowed to control their wealth as a direct punishment for resisting imperialism successfully, as in the case of Haiti, and as a punishment for attempting independence, as in the case of Liberia.  A country founded by, in part, former American slaves.

It’s going to take a lot of work to progress, most of that work will be educational and academic.

4:19 – When they riot, where are the teacher, preachers, and institutions!?

When misguided youth take to the streets to destroy their own neighborhoods, where are the Black institutions that encouraged them to “stand up and not take it anymore”.  Nowhere to be found!

That’s because the elders in those institutions know that violence is a short term solution, but it’s an easy way to temporarily keep the young from holding their local churches and institutions accountable for taking donations, taxes, and tithes without ever attempting any lasting changes!

4:40 – Your job is to SURVIVE THE ENCOUNTER!

When we have an infrastructure that can support us, that we have built, we can do this far more reliably.  Still, even now, we need to make it home, or in the unfortunate case of arrest, back to the station ALIVE.

From there we can come together as a community and work to find quality legal representation and possibly justice.

What we are seeing is that engaging in violent confrontation is a losing proposition.

All Power To The PeopleIf all marginalized communities do not invest in infiltrating the very systems that hold us down by becoming the business owners, judges, teachers, and workers, or invest in an education that will help them to form their own, nearly-independent, self-sustaining communities, they (we) are doomed.


YusefWateef (at) Gmail.com


Watch this mislabelled video on why Blacks, or anyone else should hold their votes hostage!  Just like any other successful group that gained political leverage.


  1. tigresstsu

    Great read. We need more than just a fight. We need to win a war. This made me question my own self sustainability. Which is currently not proficient. The government has ways to handle the militant: contaminated water, higher property taxes, refusing trash services, etc. Some repercussions are subtle and may not truly be enforced by them, but rather allowed to happen/not prevented. The fight is easy. But, what about when the dust settles?

    Liked by 1 person

    • YusefWateef

      Well said! I hadn’t even thought of things like refusing waste disposal as a means of control. Just keep in mind, self-reliance does not mean going 100% “off of the grid”. it means being able to compensate for short/mid term emergency needs.



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