Ed Latimore: Boxer, Writer, & Physicist Is Going To Die Anyway!

So for now life is boxing, physics, chess, & Jadakiss!

To say that Ed Latimore is just a champion heavyweight boxer, and physicist is an understatement! He’s an avid writer, author, and prolific voice both online and offline.

The first half of our talk! 

0:00-4:00, Intro and the classic DJ Whiteowl exclusive “Let’s give them something to talk about”, by Jadakiss

The second half of our talk. 

02:02:40 – 02:05:50, Closing Outro “You don’t eat” by Jadakiss

I prefer reading his essays on https://EdLatimore.com/

You may prefer to find him on Twitter @EdLatimore

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YusefWateef (at) Gmail (dot) com


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