Dr. Kim Came Ready!

When I threw down the challenge and demanded that Dr. Kim sit down and make a case against my preference for Girls and not Women, she showed up ready willing and able!

Dr. Kim is her name, but her sobriquet is what rings out in the halls of academia:  The Thought Reframer.  We came ready for a war of words!  

Clearly, my use of the word “girl” instead of “woman” didn’t sit well with the good doctor.  As a well-respected Communication Strategy Lecturer backed up by a Ph. D. in Philosophy, focusing on Organizational Communication and Cross-Cultural Studies, she wasn’t just theorizing on the impact of words, she observed, practiced, and honed the fine art of verbal sparring.

The seed for our podcast was planted when she read my 40/40 piece, that lightly touched on girls and the caution men must take when dealing with them, she immediately made her thoughts known.


Below are two of the larger points:

  • Ignore potential.

A lesson that I have learned many times is that the best predictor of future behavior is past behavior.  That does not just mean looking for glaring Red Flags, it means looking for something that may not be there and investing time/money (same thing!) anyway.

If there is a potential business deal or business partner that has an excellent idea but no track record to support why I should invest, I avoid it.  Do not even invest in another meeting with him.  If you are constantly improving your business and being noticed as a man that people should try to do business with, there will always be someone new coming to you with an idea.

Yes, you may miss a lucrative business deal, however, not losing out on what you have already gained is the more likely outcome over a statistically significant period of time.

Likewise, with girls, if she has nothing to supplement her good looks and fun sex with, do not invest more time with her.  If you are constantly improving your lifestyle and health, as well as being noticed as a man who girls take interest in, there will always be another girl offering herself to you.

As a man, we are all subject to the same foolishness that convinces us that just because a girl is pretty, is fun to have sex with, and is not a liability, that we should invest more time in her.

This is false. If she is not adding to your empire, never invest anything more in her at all.

Yes, you may lose out on more fun sex with that particular beautiful girl, but if that’s all she has to offer than she will eventually become a financial and emotional liability over a statistically significant length of time.

  • Condoms 100% of the time.

If you are working hard at being a quality man, with no major physical flaws, personality disorders, and are not in debt, you are in the top third of all the men in the world.  Girls want to have your child.  Do not allow it to happen unless it is completely intentional. Girls have a short, specific reproductive window and they are generally smart enough to know what kind of father they want for their children.

Smart men do not let others choose their future, I have seen men with great potential lose it all when the unplanned responsibilities of fatherhood pop in.

I know of no one that has a 100% success rate, but the men who make certain that not using condoms was an extreme rarity, generally do not find themselves accidentally getting a girl pregnant.

 Always up for a good round of verbal Jiu-Jitsu,
-Watt, YusefWateef@Gmail.com



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  2. Ikea Morgan

    Great conversation! I liked how she described herself as someone who “makes magic happen” and through her conversation I picked up that she lives on purpose using the law of attraction. I am happy you both had this conversation to clarify your viewpoints.

    Liked by 1 person

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