Are Fists, Or Fanny For Sale?

I was covered in a slimy, warm, living caul that I greedily devoured, and happily excreted through my pen after being shat out by the beast of grammar and punctuation that I’ve sacrificed my time to!

 I went far too deep down the gullet of literature after I challenged myself to write a Six-Word Story, with double, or triple meaning and entendre!

Disenfranchised Men, The Red Punctuation Version.


Disenfranchised Men, The Blue Punctuation Version.


Disenfranchised Men The Purple Punctuation Version.


Disenfranchised Men, The Grey Punctuation Version.


Disenfranchised Men, The Yellow Punctuation Version.

Each one of these has no fewer than two meanings, inflections, and places.

Disenfranchised Men, The Version Without Punctuation.

This level of grammar paranoia insanity is why authors, companies, and writers hire me as an editor!

Alternative titles Considered for this piece:
“Selling Your Fists, Or Your Fanny?”
“Whose Selling Fists And/Or Fany?”
“Those Who Sell Fists, Or Fanny.”
“Of Those Selling Fists Or Fanny.”

˜Watt, YusefWateef (at) Gmail (dot)com 


  1. Marco

    1: Some Rich Men Play: Women, Games.
    2: Some Rich Men Play Women Games.
    3: Some Rich: Men Play Women Games.

    1: Some rich guys that are drinking and talking in a bar or club about women or just talking about recreational games.

    2: Some rich men are playing or used to play typical womens games.

    3: All men can play games with women, but some are rich and some are not.

    Please explain each one of your examples.

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  2. ANDRE

    “Difference between couples: Consider thinking investment?”

    There might be another problem, unrelated to how much they invested in the relationship.


  3. Helder

    Many more memoirs, subject: video games.
    ~ I can kill thieves with knives!
    ~ Strategy for home invasion and terrorism!


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