Race Riots: What Some Black-Americans Can Learn From All Racist Police & Racist Organizations!

Being a Liberal does not mean being nice!
Being persecuted does not mean anyone cares!
Not learning the tactics of your organized, racist, pro-active enemies is why you will lose to them!

No preamble.

Don’t be righteous.

Your enemies, the racists, a police force infiltrated by racist organizations, the Alt-Reich, Alt-Rights, the Right, whatever you want to call it, don’t wake up in the morning, thinking about being correct.

They think about winning! 

Being “just” is something that they will never concern themselves with, so stop believing that “just because you’re the good guys, that you should be given some mystical, magical advantage in life.  As opposed to just being able to outwork the enemy.   They have the advantage of waking up knowing that they are Evil and working hard to advance their goal on a merit-based achievement scale.


I still think about Trayvon Martin.

There was not any one group that organized the entire thing and marched it through. There are at least six different hate groups that put aside their petty differences on who should allow how many blacks, or how many Jews or how many gays.  They put them aside and decided to march together and decide on fighting all of their small squabbles later.  If the blacks don’t’ figure that out, if they don’t figure out that the small battles don’t matter, you lose.

Be prepared to lose.

Whenever I saw someone on television who was part of the hate groups’ being sprayed with mace and pepper spray, they had milk ready.

Whenever they knew they were going to be going toe-to-toe against righteous marchers or the police, they had their face mask ready.

Just like Killer Mike said, if you’re going to choose to go into it that way, I don’t advise it, but at the very least, don’t stand there and believe that your righteousness and your just cause is going to be physical protection or some magic halo for you.

Use the laws to your advantage.

The reason this was such a big surprise to so many people is that they spent months burying the government in as much legal paperwork as they could to pave the way for this hate march. So, at the very least, they can say, “no, we tried to do it the right way and they pushed us into a confrontation.”  Which is a lie, but guess who has the paperwork to back it up?

The Racists that organized did, in fact, apply for everything ahead of time and in accordance with the laws.

In closing.

Even though we know that if your skin is Black or Brown you will be shot at a disproportionately high rate for choosing to bring a weapon to an organization or protest, make sure you know your laws.

Everyone looked at those paramilitary dressed racists and skinheads and Nazis, who were intimidating people.However, what most people don’t know is that the police couldn’t do anything because the racists terrorizing the protestors knew the specs and the technical specifications for every gun they had and how to carry it in accordance with the state and federal laws. That meant that, despite it being used to intimidate, it was in the parameters of the law.  Not getting caught with an illegal weapon is Step 1 for them.

These guidelines don’t just apply to Ferguson, Charlottesville, or Saint Louis.  They apply to whatever recent racial explosion happened when you read this, wherever you are.


YusefWateef (at) Gmail (dot) com

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