A Session With Dr. Curtis Jasper!

When a dear friend introduced me to what Dr. Curtis Jasper was doing, I was very inspired by what I saw.  However, being the curmudgeon and skeptic I am, I went deeper.  I talked to friends and friends of friends about him, always starting the conversation with the same question I ask about all men on the verge of impressing me:

“Is he who he says he is?”

We sat down and talked about everything from people’s need for a counselor or simply someone to talk to, down to the role of parents in a child’s life.

This is not just a great podcast, it’s a gift from me to you.

The articles relevant to what we discussed:

“Raising Kings: a year of love and struggle at Ron Brown college prep.” – CODE SWITCH

“To Be Young, ‘Gifted’ And Black, It Helps To Have A Black Teacher” – ANYA KAMENETZ

I AM my Self-Talk: 650 Notes to Self on Life, Love & Lessons Learned – Curtis D. Jasper, Ph.D.

Curtis D. Jasper, Ph.D.

Executive Director and Founder: The I AM Project / I AM International, Inc.

Email: DrCurtisDJasper@gmail.com; DrCurt@DrCurtisDJasper.com
Facebook- Dr. Curtis D. Jasper
Twitter- @DrCurtisDJasper
Pinterest- Dr. Curtis D. Jasper

2870 Peachtree Rd #235
Atlanta, GA 30305
Office: 770.885.2009
Fax: 888.414.6033


Side Note: Special thank you to Natisha Willis for the great introduction!

Do you know any fun or just interesting to listen to podcasts that you can suggest?  Leave names/links in the comments along with any questions or comments for Dr. Jasper and/or me!


YusefWateef (AT) Gmail (dot) com


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