Take Flight With The Fly Brother Ernest White II!

Ernest White II sees the world through the lens of a storyteller, explorer, and proponent of what he calls “reasonable recklessness”.

Now, with his own television series, he’s bringing new perspectives to the screen. We talked about his ability to connect people from the USA and Brazil to Europe and South-East Asia on the other side of the planet.

This is the promo that got me interested in his show.

You can catch up with Ernest everywhere: http://FlyBrother.net, Twitter @FlyBrother, Instagram @FlyBrother, https://www.facebook.com/ErnestWhiteIIand the Fly Brother Radio Show.

Do you know any fun or just interesting to listen to podcasts that you can suggest?  Leave names/links in the comments along with any questions or comments for Ernest and/or me!


YusefWateef (AT) Gmail (dot) com

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