Minority Nomad, Major Impact!

“What are your interests beyond of your race!?”

As a Military Veteran, Travel Writer, and alumni of over 93 countries; Erick sees the world and world travel through a very surprising and enthralling set of experiences!

We went on to dig into, and far beyond:

~How he engineered a career as a Digital Marketing firm manager;

~The role of personal responsibility in success, and how much trouble we get into by calling out lazy/fearful people for who and what they are;

~Unfair expectations from the Black community:

~Why he has such open disdain for The Atlanta Black Star News, as well as a surprising number of other places that use scare-tactics to convince Black Travellers not to travel;


http://MinorityNomad.com/ is Erick’s main website, where you can see his adventures and videos.

He also has an Instagram account where you can see his stunning photography at https://www.instagram.com/MinorityNomad/

When you need to get to him on Twitter, he’s at @MinorityNomad

Do you know any fun or interesting to listen to podcasts you can suggest?  Leave names/links in the comments along with any questions or comments for Erick and/or me!


YusefWateef (at) Gmail (dot) com

Side Notes: This is the video “The Advantages of Being an Ex-Pat and Why I’ll Never Return Home” we referenced in our conversation.

Esperanza Spalding is as amazing as he said she was!


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