BitCoin Is A Whore, Stop Treating Her Like A Wife!

I’ve known people that are successful at hiding money spent on whores, money earned in secret companies, and entire alternative identities. All executed with the cold effectiveness of a CIA/MI6/Hezbollah triple agent!  Yet when it comes to their BitCoin they turn into fools who are happy to spread their personal information all over the internet. 

I’m ardent in my refusal to send my personal info out to anyone or anything that does not require me to do so by law!  It’s not a rule I came up with for BitCoin, it’s a rule I instituted a very long time ago.

That’s why after I had studied and learned the fundamentals regarding BitCoin and Cryptocurrency in general then found success buying and selling in public, I put this Slush Fund tutorial together.

This is one method for buying BitCoin and keeping it private, leave any questions, or info on how I can improve the method in the comments.  Nothing is 100% foolproof!

~ Buy and install a VPN (Virtual Private Network) that can be installed on your computer and mobile phone.  Like most things in the technology arena, it sounds like a complex piece of programming, it’s not.  It is a simple, cheap addition that makes you anonymous when you use the internet. Most VPN providers accept BitCoin, credit card, or cash.  Stick to Prepay credit cards or cash to pay. Do not use a free service, because you get what you pay for!

Install an internet browser that you have never used before, specifically so that you can use it for BitCoin websites.

~ Buy a prepaid “burner” phone that has a removable battery.  One that you can add minutes to with a prepaid credit (in cash) card or location where you can pay in cash. Then install the VPN.

Do not use this phone for anything other than buying or selling BitCoin, ever.  Be sure to use the “Crazy Ivan” technique and replace the phone, as well as switch to a different brand/company after several transactions.

~ Google “Fake Name Generator”.  Choose one that gives you a name and address, the choose the wrong gender and race. For example, I would pick the most common White woman’s name, in the largest city they gave me to choose from.  With most sites, you can be flexible and reload the page until you get the results you want.

~ Register an email address with your fake name on a platform that you do not normally use.   There are hundreds of email platforms to choose from. Make certain that you can access it from your phone and computer via the VPN. Test the email by registering online for a website that sells something, then look for the confirmation email.  An email that you will not reply to!

~ Install two anonymous BitCoin wallets on the phone that can send and receive BitCoin.

~ Read up on how to buy BitCoin P2P (Peer-To-Peer), that means in person or by anonymous deposit.  Research LocalBitcoins as well as its contemporaries to find the one that is right for you.  I always suggest learning how to navigate and use at least two!

~ Research and register with an anonymous bitcoin exchange that lets you register with your new email account.

~ After you have this set up the first time, it’s easy.  Remember to keep your public information public for buying and selling and to keep these accounts silent. Never mix the two!

I’ve written other pieces on BitCoin strategies and tactics to answer questions you haven’t asked yet.

If what I wrote helps, send $5 in BitCoin to this address.

It’ll buy me coffee to fuel my mind while I write!


~Watt, YusefWateef (at) Gmail (dot) com

If and when you decide not to follow all these steps, and someone starts to put together how much you have saved up in BitCoin, it might be because the government or your stalker is watching and nothing is anonymous online.

However, it’s most likely to be because you got lazy and decided to not do as much as possible to protect your privacy.

YusefWateef (At) Gmail (dot) com


  1. Santiago Restrepo

    Excelent advice, makes me kind of nervous and paranoid aswell, but I guess a little paranoia is always healthy!

    Will start to implement


  2. Anonymous

    No, that’s a sidepiece, not a whore. Two totally and fundamentally different things. With a whore, it’s all about the transaction and the perceived value for money. You have to have a quick entrance and exit strategy, similar to Bitcoin. With a sidepiece (or something on the side) you want to keep her around for awhile. It’s more of a buy and hold strategy, which is not a recommended investment strategy for Bitcoin. So yeah, I agree with you and the title of your article, but saying “everybody needs something on the side” muddies the water.


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