Filthy People Dirty Money.

Because I didn’t like the “molestation is not that bad” joke, I threw enough cash down to cover my coffee, left a sizable tip, looked at the waiter as I pointed to the cash, walked out, and never looked back.

In what I didn’t know was the calm before the storm, one of my favorite clients referred a Global Director to me as a potential client, I am always grateful for referrals because those are the lifeblood of my businesses.

We sat down over coffee to talk about what I may be able to do for them professionally on a personal level, and after demonstrating my value, for the entire South American division of the company as a whole.

I managed to keep my excitement under control long enough to secure a formal meeting in the office for next week. Once that was on our agendas I was able to make small talk.  We finally got to the easygoing part of the conversation where we politely wrap up as I cut the conversation short with a shotgun, so we all leave on a high note. After our meeting, I was told it was time for the movies!

This is the part when the grim realization of the film they were going to see hit.

I won’t let even one endorsement of a movie penned and profited by and from a known pedophile go unanswered. I asked if they knew it was a film by [REDACTED] and he was someone who molested a child.

“It probably wasn’t that bad.”

~A Former Potential Client Giving An Opinion On Child Molestation.

  • I know this was not a situation for, nor was it my responsibility to become, a one-man social re-education camp for anyone.
  • I know anger and volume would only make me weak and ineffective.
  • I know spitting on anyone should be a degradation reserved for someone who has offended a grieving mother or widow.

Because I didn’t like the “molestation is not that bad” joke, I threw enough cash down to cover my coffee, left a sizeable tip, looked at the waiter as I pointed to the cash, walked out, and never looked back.

I left a lot more than the cost of an overpriced coffee on the table.  I walked away from a deal, which, by itself would have had a sizeable impact my first and second business quarters – not counting the potential earnings from deals with the entire company as a whole.

I feel great because I’ll never need clean money bad enough to take it from filthy people!

I’ve devoted in excess of 2,791 keystrokes to talking about Bitcoin and Financial Independence/Security.  

I do it because Financial Independence/Security is the best protection against ever having to compromise my ethics or morals.  Having my everyday needs met for the foreseeable future means there is no one who can make me cross my personal lines for money.

Learn this!

Learn Financial Independence/Security so you can have the privilege of walking away from dirty money, even if it comes from a clean bank account.  Because not all dirty money comes from criminals and politicians.

If what I wrote helps, send $5 in BitCoin to this address.

It’ll buy me coffee to fuel my mind while I write!



YusefWateef (at) Gmail (dot) com



    • YusefWateef

      That comment alone was enough for me to abandon the whole thing. There are a lot of ambiguous statements that can be broken down and explained as not as harsh as they sound, but what he said left me no room.


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