Basquiat & The So-Called Avant Guard!

Jean-Michel Basquiat is as legendary and popular an artist now as he was when he was at the top of the alternative art scene when he died of a heroin overdose!

To be clear, Basquiat was the product of a failed healthcare system that prevented his mother, who was documented as mentally ill,  from getting the help she needed in order to care for her son.

As a result, his running away from home and ultimately into heroin made sure we would never see him reach his true potential.  Jean-Michel Basquiat only lived from December 22, 1960 – August 12, 1988.

He was dead at 28 years old.

During his brief time here he left a legacy of artwork that started with illicit and illegal graffiti,  and ended with his award-winning gallery exhibitions as one of the most celebrated artists in modern history!

As part of the days-long celebration commemorating Sao Paulo, Brazils inception,  held an event called “JEAN-MICHEL BASQUIAT – OBRAS DA COLEÇÃO MUGRABI”.  Roughly translated: “JEAN-MICHEL BASQUIAT – WORKS OF THE MUGRABI COLLECTION” 

Do you see the messages written and drawn into his creations?



The struggle for equality and freedom can be found everywhere! I lit up with Excitement when saw the Angela Davis and Black Panther Party For Self Defense supporters!


This crown easily is the most iconic of Basquiat’s pieces! Where else have you seen it?

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