Stripper Phone, Prepped!

This advice, as most good advice does, came from a unique, and quite skilled stripper with a penchant for eccentricity in Prepping!

Dreaded Angel is an amazing Australian stripper who oddly, weirdly, collects old phones.  Not only does she repurpose modern-day mobile phones, her collection goes back to rotary dials. My psyche is not prepared to ask how she uses those because I know what my mind can handle.  What I was ready for, was her taking me down a winding road that dropped me at the door of a modern take on old-school Prepping.

What she did share with me is how even the older model smartphones can be useful to a Prepper.  She keeps one in her Get Home Bag and another with the same material in her Bug out Bag.

We tend to think of our old smartphones as having a small memory because they can’t hold as many videos, applications, and homemade movies as the latest models can.  However, when we strip those needs away and Factory Reset an old smartphone, what we have is a spacious, portable USB Stick/Jump Drive/Hard Drive, with a screen, that we can encrypt.

When we look at an old phone through that lens, the possibilities open up.  When an unexpected crisis, house fire, or invasion happens, we won’t have time to gather individual documents.  We will have time to grab a spare phone from someplace close and hold on to it while we escape, evade, and assess the situation.  In some instances, it will be better to grab the Backup Phone and leave the everyday phone, if you have to choose between the two in a hurry.

Altogether, on paper this list is far too big to grab and get away with, however, think of how little space these take if you scan them and save them as .pdf documents:

~Copies of your, your spouse’s, your parents, and your children’s medical records as well as a recent picture of each one of them to show people helping you look for them after a disaster.
~Insurance policies for Electronics and valuables that will be lost in an emergency.
~Full names, addresses, and email address of Emergency Contacts.

~Allergy Information.
~Citizenship paperwork.
~Do Not Resuscitate information/DNR paperwork.
~Prescriptions and/or important medical records.
~Birth and marriage certificates.
~Driver’s license or personal identification.
~Social Security cards.
~Gun and Weapons licenses/registrations.

~Recent tax returns.
~Employment information.
~Wills, Living Wills.
~Power Of Attorney information.
~Recent tax returns.
~Stocks, bonds and other negotiable certificates.
~Bitcoin and Crypto Currency keys.
~Bank, savings and retirement account numbers.
~Complete map of the city, as well as your individual neighborhood.

All of these things, when scanned and saves in .pdf form wouldn’t even take up 25% of an outdated smartphones memory. Yes, most of what I wrote above are things that are available as Apps, but in an emergency, we may not have any internet connection.

After all of that is downloaded, have everyone in your family, and on your team, download the same Bluetooth Messaging App!  Bluetooth Messaging Apps work over a shorter distance, but without any need for an internet connection.  That means you can keep in contact with the people who were with you when disaster struck, effortlessly.  Bluetooth also allows you to send and receive documents without an internet connection.

Do not add games, music, videos, books, or non-essential pictures to the phone because battery life is precious!

Be sure to test everything first.  Fully charge the phone, unplug it, and making sure that the battery lasts for one week if it’s left on, but uninterrupted.  If it doesn’t, replacement batteries for old phones are cheap.  Buy one even if the current battery does work out fine, using your phone as a flashlight will kill it fast. We don’t know if there will be anyplace to charge your phone in an emergency, or if your friend’s chargers will be compatible with yours.

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