Negroman: Oshay Duke Jackson!

He got what he asked for, but I am certain it wasn’t what he planned on when we sat down at his channel to talk! Oshay threw hardball questions when he asked about money, relationships, women, and life in general as an Expat / Traveller / Adventurer living in Brazil compared to other places around the world!

We also went much, much farther than the title could possibly encompass!

If for any reason the video I posted below is gone or does not play, please tell me in the comments or email me!

With, Oshay founded a movement that showcases spectrums of experience that range from the noble notions of relationships based on specific roles on one side, to post-modern free-form relationships with no room or even need for titles on the other.

The Manosphere just got darker!

Oshays team is made up of Video Producers, Podcasters, Writers & Websites that run the gambit of wisdom.

The best material come from Men whose life experience is defined by smooth transitions between women and relationships of all kinds, while others have had such profoundly unsettling experiences with worth that the came through the fire-hardened titans whose open disdain for women makes them irresistibly attractive to Women!

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  1. Anonymous

    Great interview! Wow, that 2 hours went fast…
    Really interesting discussions about your experiences in Brazil and yourself in general. I got the feeling the interviewer wasn’t prepared for some of your non formula responses, which was a shame because some of the subjects might have been really worthwhile exploring more….but then it would probably have taken an additional 2 hours.
    Well worth the time spent watching!

    Liked by 1 person

    • YusefWateef

      When you said “…which was a shame because some of the subjects might have been really worthwhile exploring more…” you may have spoken too soon because we have more on the horizon!


  2. tanerlorn

    I thought it was great, really informative. I wish you’d talked more about how fat American women really are and what a joy it is to be walking around and pretty much only see thin women. And how much emphasis there is on taking care of your body here, there seems to be a gym every block, and they’re always packed, not empty like in America. Also, you should def get a quality microphone if you plan to do more of these, the microphone was bad it kept cutting out. But overall, it still kept my interest. Part of it was on the guy asking the questions, he did a great job keeping it focused and steering the conversation. Thanks for the content guys!


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