Negroman: Oshay Duke Jackson!

Oshay asked: “Is Brazil Worth Moving To For Black Men!?”

He got what he asked for, but I am certain it wasn’t what he planned on when we sat down at his channel to talk! Oshay threw hardball questions when he asked about money, relationships, women, and life in general as an Expat / Traveller / Adventurer living in Brazil compared to other places around the world!

We also went much, much farther than the title could possibly encompass!

If for any reason the video I posted below is gone or does not play, please tell me in the comments or email me!

With, Oshay founded a movement that showcases spectrums of experience that range from the noble notions of relationships based on specific roles on one side, to post-modern free-form relationships with no room or even need for titles on the other.

The Manosphere just got darker!

Oshays team is made up of Video Producers, Podcasters, Writers & Websites that run the gambit of wisdom.

The best material come from Men whose life experience is defined by smooth transitions between women and relationships of all kinds, while others have had such profoundly unsettling experiences with worth that the came through the fire-hardened titans whose open disdain for women makes them irresistibly attractive to Women!

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  1. Anonymous

    Great interview! Wow, that 2 hours went fast…
    Really interesting discussions about your experiences in Brazil and yourself in general. I got the feeling the interviewer wasn’t prepared for some of your non formula responses, which was a shame because some of the subjects might have been really worthwhile exploring more….but then it would probably have taken an additional 2 hours.
    Well worth the time spent watching!

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    • YusefWateef

      When you said “…which was a shame because some of the subjects might have been really worthwhile exploring more…” you may have spoken too soon because we have more on the horizon!


  2. tanerlorn

    I thought it was great, really informative. I wish you’d talked more about how fat American women really are and what a joy it is to be walking around and pretty much only see thin women. And how much emphasis there is on taking care of your body here, there seems to be a gym every block, and they’re always packed, not empty like in America. Also, you should def get a quality microphone if you plan to do more of these, the microphone was bad it kept cutting out. But overall, it still kept my interest. Part of it was on the guy asking the questions, he did a great job keeping it focused and steering the conversation. Thanks for the content guys!


  3. T.K. Thomas

    I felt Oshay questions were leaning towards women outside of America are better for melanated brothers. I felt you were saying game recognizes game so if you have game no matter where you are in the world you will be on top. I felt you were highly critical of males who use power dyamics (aka more money or the value of the US Dollar) to get women. But most men do. Like here in China men outnumber women but rich men have two or more side pieces. Overall enjoyed the discussion


  4. Anonymous

    This dude was not a good interview for this topic, I understand what he was trying to say, but taking a dump on the frustration on Black men in the U.S. is not a good way to explain how you feel.


    • Anonymous

      Shit he ain’t hooking up down there. He moved miles away to jackoff in a $400 a month 3rd world country apartment. I would just hang myself.


      • YusefWateef

        Living in a $400 dollar a month apartment is part of an overall financial and future strategy. I save +20% of my income spread out across a diverse set of options. My years as a Financial Professional helped me to understand, and teach my former clients that wealth and retirement begins with how much money we save, not earn.

        Living in a simple apartment in a simple working-class neighborhood allows me to not only save money but to spend money on things that have long-term value. I spend my time reading philosophy, writing for myself, and most importantly in the gym lifting weights or training in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu without sacrificing quality of life.

        About saving ->

        About the gym ->


    • Anonymous

      Yusef Wateef thank you for being different for not abiding by the “culture”. You have to be strong to carry dark skin in this world as a black man. I agree keep your cost low & enjoy life. If you think Black men are weak I think women are also weak equally. Total accountability. Thank you for focusing on those points. Thank you for showing others abroad that what they see on tv isn’t a fully accurate depiction of blacks.


  5. Anonymous

    I have been living in Brazil full time since August 2006 and have been a Brazilian citizen since January 2014. I think that all so-called African American men should leave the USA. I think that 10 years ago was a more ideal time to live in Brazil. Keep in mind that Brazil is one of the most dangerous countries in the world. 95% of the so-called African American men that I met in Rio de Janeiro were sex tourist and had no interest in Brazil other than the prostitution culture. It is not a good idea to spend too much time around poor people because they are not able to help you to advance. It would be far better to make friends with successful Brazilians rather than prostitutes and that was my strategy.

    I think that nowadays, it is probably better for so-called African American men to relocate to the African continent. I myself will be relocating to Kenya in 1-2 years.

    In my humble opinion, if a so-called African American man is not doing well (at least upper middle class) in the USA, they would not make it in Brazil. However, if you are a professional who has been black listed in the USA job market, then definitely you should make an exit.


  6. Anonymous

    This was a great / review because he kept it real. Most of these black men want to bash black women and think just because they go to different countries for sex, dealing with improvised women they think they are above because of the money they want.


  7. Anonymous

    Guest: “Do you mind if I diverge a little bit, Oshay?”
    Oshay: “Sure, go ahead…(That’s what you’ve been doing all night”)


    • Anonymous

      Yusef’s interview was the truth and best I’ve ever seen from a fellow Blackman from a perspective of life and this game we all play. Hand’s down! We get out of life what we put in. My experience is the Pareto principle when it comes to us as men. I witnessed this all as I grew up in the Caribbean and Uk. Same applies Stateside or wherever we are as Black people. Many talk and only a few walk the walk. My Grandfather and Grandmother told me years ago whilst equipping me my initial skills to rely on self:- Mentally, physically and financially. Once you attain what you need and continue to strive, never stop learning and embracing life everything else will fall into place. MGTOW doesn’t even become a factor if you already live by these rules. Stay blessed to all my brothers out there that know and follow this!!


  8. Anonymous

    Dang man Yusef opened my eyes…I can relate to him cause I’m 5’ 6″ too man, lol…summer 2018 is going to be all about physical and mental advancement!


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