One Square King, One Square Kingdom.

The reports of my global dominance are somewhat overrated.  Still, it seems that way because my ruthless and relentless pursuit of dominance over my immediate squares has been successful.

People exaggerate and extrapolate from there.

I’ve learned to control the square around me, that control gives me immense power, and the ability to control the world.

I had a great discussion on self-awareness with a friend who asked a crucial question:

Question: “Watt, how do you pursue self-awareness?”

Answer: I do everything that I want to do often, and I don’t do anything that I do not want to do if it compromises my dignity or belief system, ever.

As a Stoic, I decide what I will not negotiate on, and I do not negotiate those things, ever.

It’s Reductio Ad Absurdum. Latin for “reduction to absurdity”; or argumentum ad absurdum, “argument to absurdity”.

Remember the talk I had with Ed LatimoreHe’s a competitive chess player as well and even though I am not, he helped me clear up my chess metaphor to make sure its relatable and correct.

It’s all about me, the King!

A King controls the spaces around him, he can move one space at a time, yet despite those shortcomings, he is the most powerful player in the game. I model my life the same way, and it’s allowed me to exert influence all over the world, one square at a time.

The square that I, as King, sit on represents my mindset and how I respond to anything going on around me.  I refuse to allow myself to allow erratic behavior or thoughts, I remain calm, and I choose to be proactive, forcing the world to react to me, in every circumstance.

From there, I define the eight squares around me. I do everything I can to focus on positive outcomes, as a direct result of my actions.

I control the controllables!

~I can not control when I am going to die.

I can control whether or not I have Life Insurance that will make certain my last wishes are carried out for my body’s transportation to my family, my cremation (I want to be a crystal!), and any services my family holds to say goodbye.

~I can not control my genes.

My family’s physiological makeup gave me a classic Endomorph body. Wide, heavy, and thick.  Some men I know shaped like me complain about not having a body for things like basketball, or track.  Because I maintain a manicured peer group that brings different skills to the table I learned very young that my phenotype is not controllable.

However, my reaction to this realization is!

I embrace being an endomorph. My proportions are as if a rhinoceros mated with a fire hydrant and the baby was made of concrete!  So I  lift heavy weights often and try to be as dense as possible.  I focus on a style of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu that gives my well-proportioned neck, arms, and legs an advantage.

~I can’t control whether or not I have more money than anyone else, because I don’t care.

I avoid debt, credit cards, only buy what I can afford, and work for myself so that I can put every dollar I earn, past my immediate bills, towards my own short, middle, and long-term future.

~I can not control whether or not I am smart.

My life experience has taught me that “smart” isn’t even a quantifiable thing.  Still, I can control whether or not I am learning as much as I can about things I am interested in, every day, a little at a time.  I can control whether or not I read quality information from quality sources.

~I can not control whether women find me attractive.

What I can control is whether or not I present myself well.  I decided a long time ago that every day that I walk out of my house I would be presentable. I am always ready to walk up to any woman I find attractive and give her the opportunity to get to know who I am by having something interesting to say. What I can’t forget is that appearance is everything, verbal or not!  I am always groomed, shaven, wearing clean yet fashionably questionable unique clothes.

~I can not control when the people I care about will need me.

What I can focus on is being approachable.  I keep open lines of communication, I praise where everyone can see it, and save any harsh words for private discussions, face to face.

~I cannot control who watches my actions. 

I can control whether or not my actions align with how I present myself.  
Not as a good man or bad man, just as the man I claim to be.
King of the squares!

If what I wrote helps, send $5 in BitCoin to this address.

It’ll buy me coffee to fuel my mind while I write!





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  1. Anonymous

    Perhaps in this text, you are talking about strategies for life, and your awareness of your limitations and skills and this knowledge gives you a privileged vision, and favors you throughout your journey, yet because of a cultural issue, or perhaps Fairy tales put the king in a position above all, so it seems a certain arrogance. But this may be because of a lack of self-consciousness may perhaps on the surface of the mind cause me to classify you this way. But in the depths of my mind and after a little reasoning I can understand that knowledge gives us power, be it the knowledge of who I am, or of all the important matters that will give me advantages, but rather the position of a king, in any area of ​​life.


    • YusefWateef

      Interesting perspective! Can you help me understand this: “perhaps Fairy tales put the king in a position above all.” Sidenote: I appreciate that you took the time to compose a reply in English! As a Writer/Editor I can see that you are expressing a complex idea in a tongue that isn’t yours. You get a lot of credit for that!


      • Anonymous

        Well, the king is a central figure, it’s like a public relations of a “kingdom”, by which men and women die or live. And it would be someone you should fear or obey.


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