Battle Royal: Shock Of The Hour!

Dave is one of my dearest and most controversial friends! A multi-lingual, world traveling, “Radical Independent”, he and the other rotating cast of guests join me in Battle Royal: Shock Of The Hour!

We cover everything from:

~ “The Luxury Of Time!”

~ Globalism / Capitalism (Healthcare!);

~ “Non-Traditional” Marriage (?);

~ The greatest industries and corporations as well as how they operate;

~ The Nature of Power;

~ Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu as a lens to examine Philosophy and Teaching;

as well as whatever challenges the other guests throw our way!

I also dig into a few my childhood issues. I didn’t plan on that.

Bonus, you can find Erick Prince at,,

You can find Natisha Willis at,

You can find Elyse Robinson at,


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